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Posted By: projectschool on:1/12/2011 3:26:31 AM

How paradoxical that the majority of terror attacks in the world are all caused by Muslim extremists inspired by Holy Quaran. Moderate Muslims around the world get irritated with such paradox as the world doesn't take cognizance of the non-Islamic terrorist organization like LTTE, a Srilankan terrorist organization, who used suicide bombers to assassinate a former Prime Minister of India and a sitting Srilankan President . Muslims are also upset because the latest alleged terrorist attacks by Hindu nationalists in India are brushed aside by the mainstream media, even if the Secularists try their best to seek wide national coverage. Many savvy citizens believe that - it is the volume of terrorist and suicide attacks, causality count , various religious fatwas and above all the rhetoric of terrorist leaders - is responsible for such paradox.

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