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Pradip Pradhan
How much is spent when the Indian President visits a state ?
BlogPosted By: hindtodaynews on:10/5/2013 8:29:35 PM

Dear friends

Sri Pranab Mukhurjee, President of India visited Odisha  twice in the year 2013  (  24th and 25th April  and 7th and 8th Sept. ). On 13.9.13,  RTI Application was submitted  to the PIO, office  of Governor, Odisha seeking information about details of expenditure made  for Sri Pranab Mukherjee and his entourage during visit, Maintenance and repairing of Raj Bhawan, Puri in connection with the visit of the President of India. The information provided by the PIO on 3.10.13  is as follows.

1.       A. An amount of expenditure Rs. 2,49,220/- ( Rupees two lakhs fourty-nine thousand two hundred only)  was made towards  hospitality extended in shape of  State Banquet ( Dinner) in hour of President of India and Buffet dinner to entourage  on 24th April, 2013  during stay at Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneswar , arranged by Hotel Mayfair, Bhubaneswar.


B. An amount of expenditure  Rs. 10,277/- ( ten thousand two hundred seventy seven only)  was made towards breakfast and Room Toiletries  etc. to all suites for President of India and entourage  on 25th April, 2013 which were arranged by Raj Bhawan.

2.  ( A) An amount of Rs. 1,74,511/- ( Rupees one lakh  seventy  four thousand  five hundred eleven only)  has been charged   towards  hospitality  extended  ( Lunch eon & Evening snacks )  for  president of India and  entourage  during stay at Raj Bhawan , Bhubaneswar  on 7th Sept. 2013 ararnged by Hotel May Fair, Bhubaneswar.


(B) An amount of Expenditure  Rs. 9,228/- was  made  towards other items  like Bisleri water supplied  to all  suites , room toiletries in all suites, fruits, snacks etc. supplied  tto suites, food packets for  Carcade drivers and police personnel, milk, tea etc. for president of India and entourage  during stay  at Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneswar  on 7th Sept.  arranged by Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneswar.


3.       (a) An amount of expenditure Rs. 2,59,829/- was made by Collector, Puri towards hospitality  ( Lunch etc.)  extended to President of India and entourage during stay  at Raj Bhawan, Puri on 25h April, 13 arranged by Hotel May Fair, Puri.


(b)  An amount of expenditure Rs. 45,000/-  was made  towards boarding and lodging charges  of crew  members of the President of India  and entourage  during VVIP’s stay  at Raj Bhawan, Puri on 25th April, 2013 arranged by Hoel Holiday Resorts, Puri


( C) The Bill towards expenditure  of  visit of President of India and entourage  to Raj Bhawan Puri on 7th September, 2013 has not yet received from Collector, Puri.


Maintenance and repair of  Raj Bhawan, Puri on 24th and 25th April, 2013

(a)    GED

Estimate submitted                                        Rs. 11,24, 651/-

Fund allotted                                                    Rs. 8,00,000/-

(b)   PWD

Estimate Submitted                                       Rs. 15,83,328/-

Fund  allotted                                                   Rs. 12,00,000/-


No estimate proposal  has been received  from GED and PWD authorities  as yet.



Pradip Pradhan

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