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  • Is India's most popular CM Naveen Patnaik Oriya ? Is it important to be an Oriya ? - Orissa Today Debates
    On 1/27/07, Braahman wrote:

    I am saying how can a person get the best oriya award when he can't
    even speak oriya.Oriya's are those people who can speak oriya.He can't
    even speak any Indian language.He doesn't even has pure oriya blood in
    his veins.His mother gyan pattnaik was sikh.He grew up abroad.How can
    he be oriya?

    By Manoj Padhi

    Members: How does it matter that Naveen is non-Oriya and less qualified ?*

    His best points as per me:

       - Kicked out senior touts in his party who fprmed another party which   is nowhere
       - Another fellow elected to Rajyasabha with help of congress
       - Never told his father to admit him to politics (compare it with    Stalin, OM Prakash Choutala, Mulayam's son etc.)
      - And proved himself as a CM with modern thought and reformer.
       - His only drawback is that he has got a bad team of ministers and not    able to produce over all good result in all sectors.
       - So far he proved to be the best CM orissa ever had.

    Now compare JB , Braahan's favorite CM

      - At 80+ age still going to Hyderabad baba to check whether still he   can become CM
      - Not giving any one / any young leader any chance to rise in his   party.
      - Proved visionless
      - Proved corrupt
      - Reduced pass mark of english from 30 to 20, which is giving oriya    kind hardtime to get a job
     - Ruled 15 years - and can be termed as Laloo yadav of Orissa

    Binod K Mohanty 

    Dear All,
    How come we deny him his right to be recognised as an Odia.Forget about his
    being CM and politics, as a common man he has his rights to be called an

    To be Odia or something Odia is not only linked to our language(Odia) only. Literateure written (in English) by Manoj Das which contains every thing Odia inside it is very much an Odia literateure.Literature written by some other Odia but contains everything from Germany or France can not be termed Oriya literateure.

    A leaderwho spent most of his times outside Orissa, in USA and after entering into politics who almost forgot USA and is very much busy in Orissa Matters, is very much an Odia leader.

    Brahman's favourite CM, who has command over Odia Language, who caused collapse of Orissa economy, who used goons to punish the media, who looted mother orissa can not be called as an Odia.

    Naveen is more Odia.Because of him a New Hope germinated.Many such forums came forward to communicate the views of concered Odias to the Sate Govt. I am sure these relationship of the state Govt and the concerened forums is fruitful.
    If Brahman's CM were there then?


    On 1/27/07, Rashmi Parida  wrote:

    Dear Braahman,
    so according to your meaning Janki Patnaik who has great knowlege on Oriya and also loot the Orissa, are real Oriya. But for me those people who are working endlessly for the development of our state Orissa, they are real Oriya. Who are you the hell to decide Naveen Patnaik is an Oriya or Punjabi, people of Orissa already elected him to run the state with great vision. Popular will is with him. Come out of your chair and talk to people, and you certainly feel how Oriya people feel pruod of him. Come to other place of Orissa how other people appriciate him him for his clean image and vision.
    By viswas tripathy 
    Dear Brahman,
    We may differ on issues with Naveen Patnaik, there may be differences on the model of development being followed by Patnaik and the one envisaged by OTN members, but when we discuss with outsiders as we think you are to be one, we take every care that we hold our CM in high esteem. I say our CM because four crore Oriyas have reposed faith in him and Mr Patnaik has made every effort to live up to that. If he has failed somewhere the people of the state will decide his fate in the hustings, but we don't want your certificate for our CM. The recent survey showing him as the most popular CM is a moment of pride for all Oriyas as at least now a days there are occassions where we are counted as No.1. Recently the Orissa tablue was adjudged No 1 in the Republic Day parades, its another instance of Orissa waking up.
    If you are from Orissa you better know whether Naveen is Oriya or not.
    Gyana Ranjan Mishra
    Yes, "RESULT COUNT, NOT EFFORT / QUALIFICATION". It may be right that JB Pattanaik is more qualified than Naveen Pattanaik but what is the benefit of such qualification which is of no use. The 15 years time, in which he ruled, is the darkest period in ORISSA's political history. Peoples were living in grave, Naveen has shown them light. Mr. Brahmin, can you make us sure that JB does not have any bad habits. The old congresy can make you sure about the counts. I think you have a close alley to the negetive aspects of life like corrupt politician, foul language speaking puri pandas, uncleaned mandira bedha, etc.
    again, OTN as a group, wants the development of Orissa.And for OTN member neither CONG nor BJD count as favorable. Our sole concern is the develoment of ORISSA. .
    By Ramesh NAYAK
    Dear Friends , 
    The mail of Brahman about our CM Mr Naveen Patnaik  is motivated and malafied intension. There will be no comparision with Mr J B Patnaik Ex C M in any matters. As we know that J B  is very corrouptive and highly motivated to bring his kith and kin to top line and he himself had very bad record of character as published by Mr M J Akbar in SUNDAY all in very details of his family life and many more.Regards the family life of late Biju babu is a open to all in domastic and private life.He beared fully national integration as his father married to a Bengali and he to a Punjabi and non were in corruptions or like J B group.Due to the bold and braveness of  Laxminarayan Patnaik father of Biju Patnaik the First Prime Minister of ORISSA Maharaja Krushna Chandra  Gajapati of Parlakhemundi was appointed as DEVAN like Sir M G Vishwasray the father of Engineer as to King of Mysore and Nijam of Hydrabad. As declered Naveen Patnaik is First Popular chiefminister of INDIA .It is our proud and grace that Orissa is upkeeping the image of Bijubabu.Only drawback is he is not able to speak freely and fluently ORIYA. Ramesh NAYAK.
    By Baba2000
    Dear Brahaman,
    Naveen Pattnaik is the most popular CM in india as per the CNN survery only becoz of his honesty and clean image.So it's better to keep silent urself without knowing anything.
    By N.R.B.Patnaik
    Dear All,

    Orissa had Chief Ministers in the past who were not only Oriyas but were also eminent writers in Oriya.Unfortunately instead of concentrating on literature ,they entered politics and ended up heading the state.The works done by them and their contribution to the state during their tenure need not be repeated here.They were not only passengers,but they were also controversial  on certain issues.To question the credentials of Naveen
    Patnaik about his orgin speaks of the blasphemous and cynical nature of the middleclass mass of the state.Better stop this and discuss on issues relating to growth and development.We also donot have time to look back ."We have to grow so that other states should not continue outgrowing us."


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