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  • Indian Greed Exclusive - जाना था जापान पहुच गये चीन: NIST, BERHAMPUR – How dream of a NRI turned in to nightmare ?
    Indian Greed Exclusive
    Indian Greed Exclusive - जाना था जापान पहुच गये चीन: NIST, BERHAMPUR – How dream of a NRI turned in to nightmare ?
    BlogPosted By: Indian Greed on:3/26/2012 1:03:32 AM

    Reference: Indian Greed: Clear and Present Danger to NIST Berhampur courtesy prolonged 'SANGRAM MUDALI Vs. SUKANT MOHAPATRA' court case and sleeping Naveen Patnaik Administration

    As promised, we are back with the 2nd part of the above article with additional input from public and additional documents. When reported for first time, we got huge number of public responses NRO Memo, Fraudulent activity and money laundering at NIST Berhampur.

    So, we had to dig deeper to inform you our in depth analysis based on evidences.

    If you have any questions and comments - please feel free to post as comment.

    If you have a "Corruption/Scam and Greed" story - let us know - We will investigate and publish it.

    Remember - How powerful the bad guys are - Truth Shall Prevail -
    सत्यमेव जयते

    -HT Editor

    PS: The analysis in this article is based on  documents obtained by HT. If you disagree with this analysis , you are welcome to send your evidences to hindtoday@gmail.com.
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    ( Excerpts from the NIST Trust Deed, that is used by NIST local trustee Mudalis to oust Dr. Mohapatra, the founder of NIST - Current Status : Judgement is Reserved by  Odisha High Court. )

    For a  copy of NIST Trust Deed  Click Here

    National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST), Berhampur, Odisha was founded in 1996 by Dr. Sukant K. Mohapatra from US, as first NRI educational venture in the state and first degree engineering college in south Odisha under Berhampur University. NIST was founded with a vision to have a university in his home state of Odisha, at par with international university, specifically similar to US model. [Ref: 6-June-1996, Prajatantra]

     NIST is promoted through SM (Sukant Mohapatra) Charitable Educational Trust (SMCET) with Dr. Sukant Mohapatra & his wife Ms. Sanjeeta Mohapatra as donor/author/founder of the trust.  Being staying abroad, Dr. Mohapatra had taken his in-laws (brother-in-law: Sangram Mudali, sister-in-law: Geetika Mudali & father-in-law: Surendra Mudali) as trustee of SMCET to look after the institute locally. [Ref: NIST Trust Deed ]

     NIST was setup with full financial support of founder trustees (Dr. Sukant Mohapatra & Mrs. Sanjeeta Mohapatra) only. Not only that, Dr. Mohapatra has  spent enormous time, effort, travels and other support including drafting the best undergraduate engineering curriculum at Berhampur University, that even IITs would envy. Equipment like computers, LCD projectors were expensive then; he shipped computers, equipments and books/study materials from United States so that the students of NIST can get the educational environments similar to that of US University.

    But, it looks like, as years went by and NIST become self sustained,  Indian Greed took over. The local trustees (in-laws of Dr. Mohapatra) ,who were entrusted to look after the creation (i.e., NIST) of Dr. Mohapatra on good faith, indulged in massive misappropriation of SMCET/NIST funds and resource and gross mismanagement.. The income tax raid conducted by Dept. of IT reveals (in its assessment report from 2001-2008) gross misappropriation since 2001-02, to the tunes of crores of rupees by Mudalis - the local trustees of NIST.

    We don't comprehend any other reason than Indian Greed - because here the persons involved are not friends or cousins - they are from own family and it becomes extraordinary rare and highly unusual - when the persons involved in backstabbing are own parents.

    So, how far parents can go to hurt their own daughter and son-in-law ?

    Let us see..

     The income tax raid also reveals violation of the charter of SMCET trust; i.e. from documents, it is evident that - Money from  SMCET trust was diverted  to another trust named SJ Charitable Trust (SJCT) created in 2003, which promotes the local trustee Mudali’s another personal engineering college called Apex Institute of Technology & Management ( www.apexorissa.com ) in Bhubaneswar, in clear conflict of interest.  As evident from the ongoing legal dispute in Odisha High Court,  funds were illegally diverted from NIST to Apex without knowledge of founder trustees. Opening a new Engineering and Management Institute in Bhubaneswar is not easy - real estate prices are so expensive. So, if the anti-Corruption department of Govt. of Odisha want, they can easily corroborate the Apex land purchase and construction cost from the then income tax returns of Mudalis, the Income tax department raid documents and  land prices at the time of purchase.

    But, again, in our Great India -delays in legal system is compounded by corrupt or deaf bureaucracy. So, we are not sure, even after a  memo by Non-Resident Indians [NRO Memo], something will happen; currently nothing is happening.

    Coming back to NIST, it looks like, the attention of local trustees were diverted from NIST to their own exclusive Apex Venture , as evident from the current growth and results of NIST; quality of results gradually deteriorated. From court documents, it is evident that, when  such financial misappropriation and negligence, came to notice of Dr. Mohapatra, he tried to bring transparency and stop mismanagement at   SMCET/NIST as chairman of the trust and chairman of the board of Governor of NIST.

    But, Mudalis (the in-laws of Dr. SKM), apparently, fearing their eventual exposure and misdeed, in 2005 tried to oust Dr. Mohapatra through a hand written fictitious resolution in violating charter of the trust and a registered trust deed. The investigation report by Directorate of Technical Education and Training (DTET), Orissa clearly indicates the fraudulent & out-law activities by in-laws of Dr. Mohapatra. [Ref: DTET Report]

     It is in fact irony that, when Dr. Mohapatra visited NIST in 2005 with prior notice to call trust/board meeting, not only in-laws were missing from the Institute, but had given the phony resolution to one of their proxies Dr. Ravi. P. Reddy, with an instruction not to allow Dr. Mohapatra, the chairman of the NIST to enter the premises, which was established in first place by Dr. Mohapatra. Can you imagine someone who is entrusted to look after your property denies your entry to the same?

    Your show your finger to someone to help and they grab the hand !!

     In history of India since Tretaya Yuga, usually fathers would avoid eating in daughter’s home. Even demon Kamsa jailed his lovely sister and brother-in-law Basudeva because of a heavenly announcement that, his nephew would be threat to his life in future. It was never for wealth. When Kamsa jailed Devki, his father took daughter’s side protested and he was jailed too.

     In Mahabharata, the war was fought over kingdom between cousins; never between brothers. Dhrutarashtra was in dilemma whether to support his son or support his conscience.

     There has never been an instance when a brother tried to back-stab his sister with the approval and full support of father and mother. This is a rare history by itself.

     Indian Greed finds that - NIST is a unique instance – which shows, we are indeed in Kaliyug – Lord Rama had warned us long before.

    रामचंद्र  कह  गए  सिया  से  ऐसा  कलयुग  आएगा
    हंस  चुगेगा  दाना तिनका कौवा  मोती  खायेगा

     Within family or otherwise, trust is everything. Any Indian daughter or son-in-law can’t even think that their dreams would be shattered by their own father and brother, whom they invited as a trustee.

     Can you imagine a scenario where Ratan Tata is not allowed inside TCS Corporate or TELCO headquarters and he being threatened by one of his employee that he is no more the Chairman of Tata groups?

     Well, our great Indian justice system not only allows that to happen but the Executive branch does nothing to reinstate Mr. Tata by quickly detecting the fraudulent document and arresting the rogue board members under IPC 420. So, if a few rogue board members of TCS or TECLO draft a forged document to oust Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Tata decided to challenge that fraudulent document in court, it would certainly take 10 to 15 years or even more for resolving a court case.

     But, until Mr. Tata wins from Supreme Court, the rogue members would manage TCS and TELCO – would bankrupt the companies and could divert TCS or TELCO money to one of their own company.

     Do you know the typical fees charged by a Supreme Court lawyer for such litigation cost  ? Rupees 6 to 10 Lakhs per court date

     If Mr. Tata doesn’t have that kind of money to wait and fight – the villains win by default.

     You may argue that Income tax department could catch the fraud during annual audit and initiate criminal proceedings against the rogue board members.

     You are wrong again – in the above scenario, the Chartered Accountant of TCS and TELCO, controlled by rogue members could bribe the Income Tax and get away with a minor penalty. Look at the Satyam Scam by Mr. Raju. Mr. Raju is out in bail after 2.7 years in jail and probably enjoying with his ill-gotten money.

     Ratan Tata would be hoping that, under such circumstances, the state Government or Finance ministry would arrest the rogue trustees and take control of TCS/TELCO board until the dispute is resolved so as to prevent further financial misappropriation of funds. But, the smart rogue trustees would resort to any unethical practice if they found that is doable.

     You may be wondering, Why we are talking about Mr. Ratan Tata. He is a business tycoon and untouchable by crooks.

     You are mistaken. Our system permits that. You may recall how Mukesh Ambani was trying to take advantage of his father’s death; he tried to get away with RIL and Reliance Telecom, until  their mother interfered; Anil Ambani got Reliance Telecom after that.

     In NIST case, it is completely contrary, per fictitious trust resolution, not only in-laws tried to oust Dr. Mohapatra, but he is replaced by his own mother-in-law as trustee, the father-in-law becomes the chairman, replacing Dr. Mohapatra the founding father and chairman of institute from day one.  This is just incomprehensible, but yes this is the reality.

     To compound this in-comprehensive  activities by in-laws, the judicial system takes years & own time to deliver the justice. In case even if the justice is delivered, implementation is another big challenge in our system.  In addition, judgment can appealed again & again & money power can play big role.

     No one knows, whether NIST, the deteriorating dream Institution of Dr. Mohapatra, would ever be rescued by rule of law or succumb to the mismanagement of local trustees. Time will tell the reality. But if you look at Mahabaharat & Ramayan, no matter how powerful are the unscrupulous people, the truth and justice always prevails & demons have been punished. Hope justice & truth prevails at NIST sooner that latter for benefit of student, faculty and people of Odisha in general.

    As an Indian Greed analogy, former Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa is temporarily out of jail and wants to become CM again. To everybody's surprise, Karnataka High Court has scolded the Lokayukta and Governor in stead of convicting Yeddyurappa- everybody is wondering - How that is possible when Yeddyurappa allotted Government land to his son and admitted in public saying - "Every CM did that".

    So, Yeddyurappa Corruption case will be eventually end up in Supreme Court - but probably  when Yeddyurappa is in his 90s and if he is alive, by then, he would claim lenient punishment considering his age. Please look at former Telecom Minister Sukhram; he could still managed to get bail from Supreme Court.

    Justice delayed is justice denied - when we will learn ?

    Post Date:3/26/2012 1:03:32 AM

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