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  • BIOGRAPHY:: A Few Good Men featuring Shri Jibanendra Mahanty -By Manoj Padhi

    (Shri Jibanendra Nath Mahanty)

    Dear Readers,


    You might have seen many successful persons in your life. But, how many successful person you have noticed or encountered, who are not only patriotic but also determinant to do some thing for their mother land. I bet , you can count with your fingers – must be  very few. We need not re-invent wheel; life is very short. In this gifted short span of life we should try to follow the good men and do some thing for society; we have enough lived like a selfish.


    What if such rare personality is  also found to be a man of principle, who never compromised on the injustice and quit a well paid public sector job.  Yes, he is non other than one of OTN’s dynamic columnist Shri Jibanendra Nath Mahanty. This vocal gentleman has it all…. intelligence, patriotism, experience and most importantly, a pretty strong determination to do some thing for his motherland Orissa.


    A native of Puri, Shri J.N.Mahanty was born on 6th January, 1945 in Phulbani. His father was employed with Govt. of Orissa and thanks to the transfer policy of Government, he got chance to study     in several schools - Angul, Baripada, Banki  and finally passed the High School Certificate Examination from  B.C. High School, Ranpur ( now in Khordha  District)  in 1959.


    He then joined Ravenshaw College, Cuttack (as a boarder in the East Hostel)   and passed Pre University Science in 1960. He was shooting for IIT, Khargapur but had to disappoint for not getting into because of not fulfilling the minimum age requirement.


    Subsequently he received a call from REC, Durgapur and was admitted into the First Year of 5-Year B.E (Civil) Course. Being the first batch of REC they spent their first year in   the campus of Bengal Engineering College, Sibpur, Howrah, as the new college campus was under construction then. In August 1961 they moved to their sprawling campus in Durgapur on the Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, opposite to Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute.


    At that time, Durgapur Steel Plant was still under construction by a consortium of British Engineering Companies and the students used to have frequent trips to the Steel Plant and the Alloy Steel Plant to get first hand knowledge of construction, planning and quality control, besides having interaction with experienced British Engineers. Some of the Senior Engineers of the Durgapur Steel Plant also used to visit REC, Durgapur and deliver Lectures on various Engineering topics including Project Planning using PERT/CPM techniques.


    During Final Year, along with other students, he visited the Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Burnpur, then under the management of Martin Burn Ltd, Calcutta, one of the Blue Chip Companies of India in the yesteryears. Like every final year student dreaming of his dream company, Shri J.N.Mahanty also dreamt about joining IISCO; after he impressed with the operation and maintenance of the plant and the high standard of discipline and work culture of IISCO. It used to be a dream for every would-be  engineer in Bengal at that time to build his career in IISCO/ Martin Burn Ltd, where the Engineer after the initial training period used to get a Salary package as much as that  of the Professor in the Engineering College, besides perks.


    He graduated in 1965, securing First Class Second position in the University.  Before his pass-out, he had one offer from the Govt of Orissa and another from REC, Rourkela for the Post of Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Dept. Usually, CIVIL engineers prefer Govt. Engineer Job with a bonus of a Vehicle plus  a peon /orderly. But wait. What Shri J.N.Mahanty did was exactly opposite. In order to gain knowledge about his future work place and getting a first hand idea about the work environment, he visited the Office of the Chief Engineer in Bhubaneswar and was not impressed with the working atmosphere!!


     In June 1965 he joined REC, Rourkela . In August 1965, he received interview call from Martin Burn Ltd, Calcutta for the post of Management Trainee in IISCO and after a series of interviews he was selected and in September 1965 he joined IISCO/Martin Burn Ltd.


    After the tough Training Programme, he was placed in the Plant Engineering and Development Division, along with other brilliant Engineers drawn from IISc, BHU, DCE, IITKgp, BEC, etc.   After the initial grooming he was given independent responsibilities and had the privilege of executing several multi-disciplinary Steel Plant Projects from conception to commissioning.


    In July 1972, the management of IISCO was taken over by the Govt of India under some political cloud and the work culture   gradually declined thereafter. During his tenure with IISCO,    he had the   opportunity   of visiting several Steel Plant Project Sites in   Germany, U.K., Italy, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, etc.


    In January 1979, he joined as Project Manager in Engineering Projects (I) Ltd, New Delhi and was deputed to Kuwait for execution of two prestigious Mega Projects for the Govt. of Kuwait. He Returned to India in July 1984. In 1988, he was promoted to the Post of General Project Manger.


    In January,   1993, he left EPI and joined   Unitech Ltd., New Delhi as General Manager (Projects), responsible for their Projects in Eastern India.


    In   January 1994, he moved to Doha, Qatar as Project Coordinator (Engineering, Procurement & Subcontracts) with Midmac Contracting Co. WLL, based at their Corporate Office.  Owing to some family commitments, he   left Midmac in October, 2005.


    From October 2005, with his loving wife he left for a EURO-US tour and extensively toured France, Italy, Switzerland and various States of the USA, for about six months.


    Extremely pleased with Jibanendra babu’s service, in July, 2006 he was again invited by Midmac to resume his work with them. After a protracted discussion he accepted their offer as the Engineering Consultant, based in India, after he expressed his inability to relocate in Doha, Qatar. Presently he is assisting Midmac in Procurement of Materials & Equipment   and recruitment of Technical Manpower from India.


    USP:  Management   of Multi-disciplinary Projects within Safety, Quality, Cost and Time parameters.






    Steel Plant Projects comprising   Coke Oven Batteries, Blast Furnaces, Reheating Furnaces, Material Handling Plants,  BOF, etc. for IISCO, DSP and  RSP.

     Calcium Carbide Plant, Uttar Pradesh.

    1000 Bed Hospital Complex in Madhya Pradesh

    Container Freight Station for JNPT.

    Integrated Township Project, JNPT.

    Cement Plant, Orissa




    Defence  Project  for the Government of Kuwait.

    Sief Palace ( Emir’s Office Complex ), Kuwait.




    LNG   Storage Tanks and facilities.

    Power & Desalination Plant

    Ritz Carlton Hotel ( 28 Storied Tower)

    Hodeifi  Tower(  28 Floors with Roof top Helipad)

    400 Bed  Oncology  Centre.

    Qatar Education City.

    30 Storied Twin Tower ( Serviced Apartments)

    National Stadium Complex.

     Sports Orthopaedic  Hospital  (with Colorado Altitude Training facilities)

    Motor Cycle Race Track( Moto-GP).

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    Contact Details:Manoj Padhi

    Post Date:8/17/2007 11:05:53 PM Validity:36500 Days
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    He is definitely a brilliant man - very highly qualified, knowledgeable and patriotic. But his comments like - 'GOD save Orissa' does not seem like he is the person who knows it all and can do it all. I feel he is a person who knows it all and can write it all but not a do it all person.
    Post Date8/28/2007 4:21:24 AM
  • Comments By Shankarsan Das Country:USA State:Illinois
    The entire article talks all about the professional career of Shri Mahanti but nothing about his contribution to society and his patriotic actions. This is total deviation from the topic highlighted. This article is absolutely directionless and looks like a resume meant for job-applications.
    Post Date5/20/2008 1:55:23 PM

From HT Editor: The reader is being requested to read Shri J.N Mahanty's every article before reaching at a conclusion. To win a war both Infantry and Logistics are equally important. Several of Shri Mahanty's innovative ideas have been implemented by Government Of Orissa. The reader may visit our Blogs Home and search Shri Mahanty's articles.

  • Comments By Shankar Prasad Praharaj Country:INDIA State:Orissa
    Sorry to disagree but it remains a fact that there have not been any "good men" in Orissa after the demise of Late Biju Patnaik; who had a vision for Orissa and was dreaming of watching his state rising to the top of the ladder in the country in all spheres. All rest of them are mostly self indulgent; and self achievements apart their individual initiative for growth of the state is lackadaisical. On the other end of the spectrum, practically how many persons can claim to be close to the characters of Gopabandhu Das and the famed Panchashakhas; who relentlessly worked only for the mitigation of human miseries and not self advancement. Otherwise, how is it that Orissa had to import Megha Patkar for demonstration for Anti-POSCO activists ? Is it not a fact that Orissa does not have any on field human right activist excepting those who shoot off letters from their cushy offices? If only we had one person who was "a man of honor", the state would not have been marching ingloriously at the top of the poverty line chart in India. These comments, however, do not in anyway degrade the personal gaols achieved by Sri Mahanty, which is commendable by all standards. But, there is a fine dividing line between contribution and achievement. The good men are the ones who thrive to contribute to achieve their relentless goal of uplifting of human values and decimating miseries.
    Post Date5/28/2008 8:42:45 PM
  • Comments By: Aditya, Bhubaneswar   
    No or I disagree  Post Date:6/17/2011 4:58:46 AM
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