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Manoj Padhi
Beginning of the end of Naveen Patnaik's Corrupt regime ?
BlogPosted By: manojpadhi on:4/14/2011 1:54:21 AM

Dear fellow citizen:

Copy of NREGA Supreme Court Judgement

News reports on CBI Probe in NREGA SCAM

Rural Job Scam in Odisha

Interim Order of Supreme court on NREGA Job Scam

NREGA Rejoinder

Government of India writes to CBI to investigate job scam

8/19/2007 -> From our Archives :Report of Dr. Parasuram Ray, who visited KBK districts and made NREGA social audit of 100 villages?

Wednesday, 13 April, 2011, 3:37 AM will be remembered as a defining moment in Odisha's history - as  we have received the above documents from a courageous man Dr. Parshuram Ray, who took head on with a corrupt regime and won his argument at Supreme Court of India. Supreme Court, after seeing all the evidences ordered a CBI probe in to this mega scam.

I was not at all surprised as a CBI probe was long due; So many mega scams surfaced during Shri Naveen Patnaik's regime and every time he would try to cover up by ordering a state vigilance probe; the state vigilance is advised by CM to suppress all the corruption cases, protect the major corrupt people and find some low level scape goats for eye wash; they are also advised to delay indefinitely [tender scam]so that the matter is erased from public memory. He would claim that - he is honest.

In the 3 Lakh crore Mega mining scam, steel and mines minister Raghunath Mohanty has been rejecting CBI probe as the CM is apparently involved. He says - "the state anti-corruption vigilance wing had been doing a good job."

How good efficient ?

"The vigilance has registered 16 cases against persons involved in the mining theft cases. The anti-corruption wing has also filed chargesheet in three cases so far," the minister said the state government had taken several steps to check illegal mining activities.

While 844 cases of illegal mining trade was detected in 2008-09, it increased to 1085 cases in 2009-10, he said, adding that 755 such incidents had been detected upto February 2011, he said.


As a vigilant citizen and political analyst I knew that - when bad time comes, even shadow of the body disappears.

In August 2007, we have suggested the Government of Odisha  to implement Bio-metric finger printing solution in NREGA money distribution; Bihar CM Nitish Kumar opted for that - that is common sense solution. We debated this issue in public forum Click Here

Any sensible Government would have listened to such advice; but you can't expect a Corrupt government to implement common sense solutions for the obvious reason - "अगर  घोडा  घास  से  दोस्ती  करेगा  तो  खायेगा  क्या".

Read on.. check the date..

4 proofs of pseudo-clean Chief Minister of Orissa Shri Naveen Patnaik taking Bribe from Shri Ratan Tata

Many of you might be rejoicing with this CBI inquiry. I would like you to wait until the case is investigated and corrupt people go to jail.

Because, it is Manmohan Singh's CBI whose Government is in minority; he used CBI to let Lalu yadav and Mayawati go in support of their MPs. Naveen's BJD also got around 20 MPs and Manmohan Singh would love to get their support and return the favor by weakening the case.

Now  please read on Dr. ray's e-mail to you..

Greetings  from CEFS- New Delhi !

The NREGA Writ Petition in the Supreme Court filed  by  CEFS came up for hearing on Monday  ( 11 th April  2011)  . The Supreme Court (SC) in its last order dated
14th March had asked the Central Govt to order  CBI  probe in Orissa NREGS Scam within  four weeks or else  the Court would step in .

  The Additional Solicitor General  Ms Indira  Jaisingh  appeared for the Govt of India and told SC  that  the Central Govt has decided for a CBI probe in  the Orissa NREGS scam and notification for the same would be  issued within one week .

  Please find attached scanned copy of a Letter written  by  the Central Govt  to CBI Director asking him  to initiate a CBI investigation in the NREGS scam of Orissa   on a priority basis . This letter was handed over  to  SC  by  Indira Jaisingh.
Soft copies of some  News Reports  on the CBI  Probe in Orissa NREGS Scam   are attached .
Please find attached  copies of Supreme Court Orders  dated 14th March 2011 and 16th December 2010 . Also attached  is copy of CEFS Rejoinder affidavit  filed in the SC in
  irst week of Feb 2011 . I am also attaching the full copy of  CEFS survey report  on the NREGS Scam of  Orissa for your perusal .

  With best regards,
  Parshuram Rai
  Centre for Environment and Food Security (CEFS)
  New Delhi

PS: All the attachments are linked at the beginning of this article.

What do you think ?

Is it beginning of the end of Naveen Patnaik's Corrupt regime ?

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