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The Koshal state debate on Orissa Today - Join/Say some thing
BlogPosted By: hindtodaynews on:4/4/2011 9:16:26 PM

Dear Friends from Koshal Region,
It is true that the Koshal region remains  underdeveloped and backward even after 63 years of Independence.  The region has been neglected by the Centre ( as an example: lack of Railway network ) and the State. Also to some extent people of Koshal region are responsible for slow process of development work in the region. The people of Koshal are comparatively less enterprising than their brothers in  Coastal Odisha.
While i am in favour of a separate Koshal State in deference to the wishes of People of Koshal, I am apprehensive whether the People can dominate over the large section of Hindi speaking population virtually  controlling all trade and commerce, ranging from neighborhood Grocery Store to  C & F agencies. In 1959 I had visited Sambalpur, Hirakud,  Brajarajnagar, Rajgangpur and Rourkela, as a part of School  Excursion trip, led by a teacher from Sambalpur. In Rajgangpur I was amazed to note that no local person was speaking in Odia or Sambalpuri Odia  and our Teacher was constrained to speak in Hindi  during our stay in Rajgangpur. The story was same in Brajaraj Nagar too. However, the situation has changed since then and local population ( majority being Hindi speaking ) had started speaking in Odia primarily because of large influx of  people from Coastal Odisha. In short the  the contribution of people from Coastal Odisha  cannot be  over emphasized for the survival of Odia language or Koshali Odia in this region .
Therefore in order to thwart the attempts of Hindi speaking people to dominate, it is imperative that natives of Koshal region and the people from Coastal districts settled in urban areas, must work together without hatred and discrimination. Indeed, I will not be surprised if Chhatishgarh starts claiming certain parts taking advantage of fight between Koshalis and Odias in the region.
The People of Koshal region must not resort to violence like burning/tearing  the Map  of Odisha or attacking persons from other parts of Odisha, and create a divide  between Koshali and Odias, to the advantage of Hindi speaking population of Koshal region. The Goal can be achieved through non-violence, if led by responsible Leaders.

Dear friends

I support the demand for a separate KOSHAL state for which there are enough reasons. Supporting Sri J N Mohanty ji, I would like to state that violence is no solution. No body can achieve any goal or even sympathy of the people by burning or tearing Map  of Odisha. There should not be any hatred between people from Odisha be them from any corner of the state, if a larger battle is to be won to carve out new Koshal State. Instead, there are few areas to which the people of Koshal region needs to focus their attention. The leaders of Koshal state should make their stand amply clear before the public on the following.

Firstly, it should be made known to the people at large in the Koshal area that development needs people oriented policies which are not existing at present in the greater Odisha. There are many districts that are tribal populated, which are also listed in the fifth schedule of the Constitution of India where it is mandatory to comply provisions of PESa. But corrupt people in power have forcibly acquired lands of tribals by grossly misusing land acquisition act and also making mockery of PESA provisions. How the new Koshal State will react to such gross illegalities?

Secondly, another important demand should be strictly to comply our National Water Policy and enforce the list of priorities listed there in for water allocation. Safe Drinking Water and Water for irrigation are at No. 1 and 2 in the priority list where as water for Non Agro industries is almost at the bottom but in greater Odisha we all know the hard reality. 

demand should be Koshal State should give priorities to the sons of soils. This in no way will be compromised. Let the leaders be harsh in raising the voice. Natural resources be it forests, mineral wealth or others, sons of soils will have first right. Let there be panic for Hindi speaking population who have left no stone unturned to loot the state resources and even made tribals pauper by taking away the forest produces collected by them in exchange of Salt. All the exploiters must be shown the exit door.

Fourthly, No liquor brewing licenses will be issued in any rural and tribal populated areas. Free availability of liquor at their door steps have ruined the people of Kaushal area.  I have personally experienced how a liquor contractor of a tribal village in Jharsuguda district bordering Chhattisgarh who was involved in poisonous liquor tragedy but Police worked overtime to save him. 

Fifth is the presentation of quality pro people leaders who are not corrupt nor can be bribed or else, even the boat will sink before it reaches the coast. Politicians are amongst the most hatred commodity at present. People will not believe if leaders are spineless and corrupt. 

By bringing out a white paper of gross neglect of the area in last 63 years district wise on Infant mortality rates, lack of quality education and illiteracy, poverty, Starvation, lack or poor quality of infrastructure, unemployment, Loot of natural resources, high handed police raj, corrupt administration, change in liquor policy by Navin Patnaik government opening up tribal areas for liquor brewing and vending (Which even legendary Biju babu did not dared to do) . I am sure, the movement will gather enough strength.
With best wishes and in solidarity with demand of Koshal State

Pravin Patel

Dear friends

After going through so many postings I could not but post my views on the topic. We should not forget that all the princely states joined Orissa after independence. They had their regional approaches to administration and progress. Other part had British rule and large scale development approaches. This resulted with imbalances in development status in east and west of Orissa. East was definitely stronger than west. Because of that the military operation and power transfer was steered against princely states (Gadajat area) from Cuttack, the then capital of Orissa. Where there is power there is the prosperity. The rule continued. Those who say if Orissa will be divided there will be less corruption, high productivity, more irrigation etc are just day dreaming. There will be more problems. More corruption will continue to prevail because of low literacy and lack of infrastructures. More differences among men and women. Low exposure to development. More political turmoils because of influence from business people settled mostly from outside state. If people can not do good now how can we rely on them for doing good after having a separate state? All bulshit talks. Secondly we should see that lethargic administration should be made pro people. Policy of exploiting Our natural resource , mines etc by Central Govt should be stopped immediately. Concentration on oneness of state should be there instead of state division. Thinking division shows the timidness, narrowness and intellectual bankruptcy in people. Therefore mass pressure should be created to finish finish family politics, princely politics, vagabonds & goons in politics. We have to work hard to make Babus to work and feel proud of being honest. Honest officers should be recognised and awarded.

With regards
Bibhu Prasad Mohanty

Dear Friends
I ve gone through the writings of both Pravin Patelji and Saiprasanji. I am against the bifurcation of my Odisha state. But I am very much concern for the under-developed of these area. The leadership are more responsible for the backwardness and those who are shading crocodile tears for the poor people of that region should come forward and take leadership. The best example is Mr George Tirkey, Independent MLA of Biramitrapur, Sundergarh who dared and won against the money and mussel power of both ruling BJD and opposition congress party, constantly raising issues of tribal and poor people for this the district administration has filed 79 false cases against him.

If Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar could able to change the scenario of Bihar within 5 years and projected himself as Vikas Purush in the country remember Bihar was one of the worst state before him. Why not the picture of Odisha will be changed if a dynamic CM or govt. will comes to power.

Rather going for petty politics, broad minded, honest and committed people should come forward to take the leadership only a open mindset is required.

manoj jena

Dear Manoj Jena ji

Your concern for a greater Odisha is appreciated. I also appreciate that you are equally concerned about the under development of the Koshal area for which you have rightly held leadership as being responsible. If I have not misunderstood you, you mean to say "Political Leadership of Koshal Area during all these six decades".  

We must accept the fact that Orissa has been in turmoil for the lack of quality leadership. Without doing any home work, state has inked a series of MoUs that has invited huge capital investment in the steel, aluminum and thermal power sector. All in the name of development of the state and its people. I do not need it to stretch any further but ask a simple question, who has developed? Non resident corporate bosses or the people of Odisha?????

All those mostly from other states have landed on the soils of Odisha to make a killing by virtually loot natural resources of the state be it mineral wealth, be it razing thousands of trees to the ground even in forest land, polluting air, water and soil causing irreparable losses to the community at large. They  employ people from other states but shed crocodile tear exploiting locals in petty hard work labour jobs that too under contractors in the name of providing them employment. Forcibly possessing lands of the poor people even if they do not sell by hook or crook all these have happened in Sundergarh district of the Koshal Area of greater Odisha but state prefers to close its eyes and ears only to define all such acts as necessary evils in the name of development.

Poor people particularly tribals have been forced to pay a heavy price. They are denied to even breath fresh air as sponge iron plant in their vicinity is taking away Oxygen in exchange of Carbon dioxide. (A 100 TPD plant sucks in 20,000 cubic meter of fresh air per hour for combustion process) While all these investors from outside the state are pampered, farmers are neglected, their lands are polluted, water is diverted to industrial houses and any one opposing the same to protect the rights of the poor and sons of the soils are labelled as anti developmental forces and now the new tool to brand them as Naxal sympathizers.

George Tirkey is no exception. He has proved that being pro people, can enter in to State Assembly as their elected representative. Perhaps he is the only leader on whom tribals trust at present, forget about party politics which can be discussed separately. When you talk of 69 false cases on George Tirkey, it would also be necessary to share through you that there thousands of tribals who are implicated in false cases by the police. There are incidents of police acting as the agent of the corporate houses, musclemen having caused serious injuries to tribals within the police station premises.

How many leaders have raised their voice against evil designs of Vedanta trying to grab  bauxite from Gandhamardan hills in Bolangir district? Villages have been cordoned by heavily armed police in the name of searching for naxalites, arresting at will all those who take leadership initiatives and kill few in hoax encounters. Can all such acts be the act of local officials until and unless they have sanctions from top authority of the state?

In the largest democracy of the world, where is democracy in running the political parties? Sycophancy, so called loyalty and then money to buy tickets to contest election are what is required to enter in to electoral battle. Once elected, the strings of the elected member are in the hands of their top boss who has more interest in looking after corporate interest than that of the people of the state. This is exactly what is happening in the state at present.

Nitish Kumar is known as Vikas Purush for his neat and clean administration as well as cracking down on corrupt people in power where as Navinbabu is in day dreams of doing development of the state inking MoUs to allow virtual loot of natural wealth of the state and helpless onlooker to the huge corruption all over the state in all the departments. Who knows tomorrow Kaushal can also have a Nitish Kumar type of leader.

Are the above facts not enough grounds to justify a separate state of Kaushal ?

When there is no hope in a greater Odisha, where the people should go?

I believe there is no "petty politics" in the above discussed issues which are raised with an open mindset. Let us hope the best for the poor people of the state who are grossly neglected in the mad rush going on in the name of development.


Pravin Patel

yes, For development of present odisha,each district should be made as a state so that we have more CMs and politicians to loot the micro interiors.....more CMs..more corruption...
then each block will accuse the same and again state...thus we will go back to pre british era  and  have thousands of states ...we will see all ROUND(zero is also round), finally what Churchil had told will happen.... devpmnt...bande----( write the name of a state_   )   janani

-Durga Prasad Mishra

Under the poor and inefficient leadership of Shri Naveen Patnaik, Odisha is making downward progress and has gone almost to bottom position among all Indian states. People are lazy because more than 50% people live under BPL and get BPL rice. Government also planned to supply subsidized Dal and that ended up in a mega crore scam.

In the 3 Lakh crore Mega mining scam, steel and mines minister Raghunath Mohanty has been rejecting CBI probe as the CM is apparently involved. He says - "the state anti-corruption vigilance wing had been doing a good job."

How efficient ? Per minister
"The vigilance has registered 16 cases against persons involved in the mining theft cases. The anti-corruption wing has also filed chargesheet in three cases so far," the minister said the state government had taken several steps to check illegal mining activities.

While 844 cases of illegal mining trade was detected in 2008-09, it increased to 1085 cases in 2009-10, he said, adding that 755 such incidents had been detected upto February 2011, he said.

Responding to Minister NRO Shri Arjun Purohit says:

Can anybody tell me when 844 plus 1085 cases of illegal mining was detected between 2008 to 2010, only our very vigilant government has registered only 16 cases against the culprits, and only three charge sheets are filed concerning anti-corruption, yet the minister says tongue in cheek that CBI enquiry is not needed because vigilance department is doing a good job !! Has vigilance department stopped illegal mining ? Their own report says that upto Febebruary 2011, 755 incidents have been detected. Translation : Orissa government knows what is going on but does not know how to stop it !!
And they are still working on a mining policy. Smell test says that government itself involved in looting Orissa, and continues to do so, and does not want anybody to interfere with this loot. Period.
Jaya Utkala Janani on this April Fool’s Day
Arjun Purohit

There is no hope either as this corrupt Government has been working sycophant of Industrialists. In Gopalpur, Tata Group had acquired 3400 acres of land in 1998 and should have returned the land to state Government by 2003 in case they were not planning for the Steel Plant. Apparently, they bribed Naveen Patnaik and holding the land for some SEZ purpose. This is going on since last 10 years and it is better to allow Koshalis to get any CM but not Naveen Patnaik.

I support Koshal Pradesh - if we live in pain with the worst Government - let Koshalis live. With only condition is - Keep Shibu Soren away from Koshal Pradesh. because he would be worse than Naveen Patnaik

Manoj Padhi

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