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  • NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN CHIKITI(GANJAM) - Unwanted ? - Jibanendra Mohanty
    Dear All,
    Please find a News Report, ( the Newindipress, 8th July) at the following Link, stating Govt of India's proposal for setting up 6000MW Nuclear Power Plant in Chikiti of Ganjam District.
    For the Nation it may be a good News, but for the State of Orissa it is NOT a good News for the following reasons:
    AA. State of Orissa is surplus in generation of Power vis-a-vis the projected demand.
    BB. Orissa is endowed with very large reserve of Thermal Grade Coal for setting up Mega Thermal Power Plants at the Pit Heads.
    CC. As of today, Orissa is  already a victim of excessive coal mining, mainly for supply of Coal for running Power Plants within the State for supply to Neighbouring States, and for supply of Coal to various States like Maharastra, Gujerat, TN, etc.
    Excessive coal mining is degrading the valuable Land, wiping out forest cover, affecting the Ecology and Environment in several ways including affecting the Natural Water Courses/availability of clean water, etc. A visit to Angul-Talcher belt and Jharsuguda-Ib valley area will provide first hand info  for every one to realise.
    Similarly, a large number of Thermal Power Plants are also affecting the Ecology and Environment in several ways, including affecting the Climate, polluting the environment, polluting ground water, affecting the Agriculture Land with fly ash, etc.
    Now the Question is,  should we suffer with all these Maladies for supplying Power to other States? Have the People of Orissa taken Contract ( some thing like Bonded Labour) for serving the people of other States ?
    Further, to add  salt to injury, now comes the proposal for Setting up of a Mega Nuclear Power Plant.Here again, the People of Orissa will be exposed to Nuclear Hazzards for supplying Power to the National Grid.
    Every one in the Country, knows our concern and efforts for  SAFETY in all fields. Every body knows about our efforts and degree of compliance with the Safety and Quality Norms. Perhaps the Condition of Roads in  places  outside the Capital, will speak volumes on the subject.
    Thus knowing fully well about our standards on  Safety Aspects and the magnitude of danger which may result on account of slight slippage in complying with Safety Standards ( Example: Chernobyl ),  and for supply of Power to other States, certainly it is NOT a good proposition for setting up a Mega Nuclear Power Plant in the State.
    However, if we succeed in preventing excessive mining of Coal ( for supply to other States) and stop setting up  Power Plants for supply of Electricity to other States, then it will be worth while to consider setting up a Nuclear Power Plant in the State, with expressed guarantee that Safety Shall be maintained to  the highest Standards. At the same time the feelings and opinion of the Local people must be taken into consideration, while taking decision on the subject, keeping in mind that a Nuclear Power Plant for Orissa is not essential as the State has other options.
    But the same is not true for other Power Hungry States who do not have Thermal Grade Coal to set up coal based Power Plants. Hence, states like Maharastra, Gujerat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, UP, etc shd take urgent initiative for setting up Mega Nuclear Power Plants, and stop  exploiting  the people of Orissa State.

    While I agree that we dont need a nuclear plant in Berhampur. It has come as news for me that , Iraq has been nuked by depleted Uranium bombs.

    I'm not sure I understand depleted uranium. Typically, there are two kinds of uranium. One is U-235 and another is U-238. U-238 is known as enriched uranium which is obtained by a nuclear reaction of U-235.
    U-238 is basically quite unstable. This is the predominant cause of nuclear fission.

    As mentioned , perhaps, depleted uranium refers to dirty bombs. But, one predominant nature iof dirty bombs is that their carrier process is hazardous. That implies that it's detoniation process is equivalent to a suicide bomber impact.

    Ideally, these matters should be dismissed..

    Umashankar Das

    Dear all:

    Berhampur, the heart of South Orissa  is very close to Chikiti and if any nuclear tragedy ever breaks out - it will be another Bhopal.

    We must not allow this to happen for benefit of another states.

    Nuclear power plants should come in desert areas.

    It reminded me Eminent columnist Shri Arun Shrivastava's comment during one of the discussions ( Would the War lords in Washington, Tel aviv and London, accept the offer - A Discussion )

    "In 2003 Iraq was nuked...dirty nukes...called depleted uranium bombs. Mr Padhi...if you live in India in its western parts...you are breathing millions of particles of depleted uranium contaminated air right now. Your father, mother, wife, children are all breathing DU contaminated air."

    Please raise your voice against this project.

    Manoj Padhi

    Dear all
    In my opinion, nuclear power plant offers a much more clean environment compared to thermal power plants. For the future, it is also beneficial for our country. Now on the question of location, I don't agree with Sri Padhi as in our country there are already some nuclear plants which are close to metropolitan cities, e.g. Tarapur, Kalpakkam etc. We should better stop setting up of more thermal power stations in the state and as Mr. Mohanty suggested supply power to other states from nuclear power station if that materialises at all.
    Nuclear energy can also be used for other developmental activities. Yes, Chernobyl type situation can be avoided with adequate safety measures.
    With regards
    Prabhash N. Rath

    Prabhash Babu,

          I do agree that you could be correct. I forsee another potential problem though. Chikiti happens to be the home town for my father. My grandfather in the pre-indpendence ear used to work in the Raja of Chikiti's adminstration.

    The problem is that the land required seems to be highly agricultural land which local people find difficult to release easily.

    Also, Orissa can be forseen to have a nuclear future since, it contains the largest deposits of thorium in India and future nuclear development is planned using thorium and the Fast breeder reactors technology.

    Umashankar Das

    Dear Mr. Rath,

    The point is we have power surplus and why we need risk our people in case of accidents.
    Just to remind you about Bhopal Gas Tragedy consequences. Had it been nuclear , just imagine.

    the Indo-US nuclear talk will bring some international technology which will be reliable. The current Indian safe guards are not at par international standards.

    I certainly will never like a nuclear power plant near my home town.

    Here you go..



    More than 7,000 people died within a matter of days when toxic gases leaked from a chemical plant in Bhopal, India on the night of 2/3 December 1984. Over the last 22 years exposure to the toxins has resulted in the deaths of a further 15,000 people as well as chronic and debilitating illnesses for thousands of others for which treatment is largely ineffective. Call on Dow Chemical to clean up the factory site and remove the stockpiles of chemical abandoned by the company.


    In acknowledgement of World Water Day, I am writing to express my concern about the devastating consequences to the health of the communities of Bhopal, India, posed by Union Carbide's abandoned pesticide factory.

    For more than 30 years the Bhopal plant has been a source of environmental pollution. After the disaster in 1984, which killed thousands of people, Union Carbide abandoned the factory without decontaminating the site and left behind large amounts of toxic waste. Stockpiles of contaminants continue to pollute the water and soil, on which entire communities rely, affecting the health of those living in the area.

    According to numerous reports, contaminants have been found in vegetables grown near the plant and in breast milk samples taken from women in Bhopal. Water has been found to be unfit for consumption but, in the absence of any other source, most local people continue to drink it. The company has never done anything meaningful to clean up the site.

    I therefore urge you:


    -- to ensure that the Bhopal factory site and its surroundings are promptly and effectively decontaminated, that the groundwater is cleaned up, and


    -- that the stockpiles of toxic and hazardous substances left by the company when they abandoned the site are removed;


    -- to co-operate fully with those assessing the nature and extent of the damage to health and the environment caused by improper waste disposal and contaminants at the abandoned factory site;


         to ensure that Dow Chemicals promptly provide full reparations, restitution, compensation and rehabilitation for the continuing damage done to people's health and the environment by the ongoing contamination of the site.

    Dear Umashankar babu
    Regarding the type of land proposed to be acquired, I don't have any idea and that is altogether a different proposition. However, I personally won't mind if any nuclear power plant comes up in the vicinity of my home town. You are right that Orissa has largest stock of thorium deposits in India and which can be utilised for potential development in the state.
    With regards
    Prabhash N. Rath

    Dear All,
    The Question is whether Orissa needs a Mega Nuclear  Power Plant ?
    The answer is No. The proposed Power Plant will supply power to other States.
    Fortunately, Orissa has several Options to meet its growing power needs, and we are certainly not constrained to go for a Mega Nuclear Plant, just because we have the Raw Materials available for the same. The Options are:
    AA. Coal based Thermal Power : We have Country's  30% Coal Reserves, which will last for more than hundred years. We have been supplying  more Coal to other States, than what we consume. We must stop excessive coal mining  and stop supplies  to other States.
    BB. We have 480 KMs of  Sea Front, where we can install Wind Mills to generate Clean and No-risk Electrical Power.
    CC. We have good scope for harnessing Solar Power, a Clean and No-risk Electrical Power.
    DD.  In future we may  go for harnessing Electrical Power from Tidal Waves, if necessary.
    EE. We have not utilised existing potentials for generating Hydro-Electricity, from Rivers in Koraput, Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Kalahandi Districts.
    Therefore, in my opinion, there is No Need for Orissa to go for a Mega Nuclear Power Plant,  with the basic objective of  supplying power to other States and risking its people in the process. The quantum of Risk factor  and the compliance factor for Nuclear safety  are  certainly debatable. But the point is, when we do not need  one, what is the justification of running into Risk, howsoever small it may be?
    This reminds me the age old Oriya Adage, " Why get into Mud and then look for Water to wash your feet"
    Besides, in the event of any War/Hostility with our Arch Enemies ( the Chinese or the Pakis), the possibility of a Nuclear Strike on Vital Installation cannot be ruled out, and the resultant Catastrophe may well be imagined.
    On the other hand, let the Power Hungry States like Maharastra, Gujerat, Tamil Nadu, AP, UP, etc  go ahead with super  Mega  Nuclear Power Plant, to meet their needs, as they do not have other viable options.  Orissa may supply the required Thorium without insisting for "Value Addition" within the State, for such proposals outside the State. Further, the Demand for Orissa Coal will be reduced, if other States switch over the Nuclear Power.
    Hence, Orissa shd oppose the proposal tooth and nail, unless it decides to be a Donkey to carry others' Loads.

    Contact Details:Jibanendra Mohanty

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  • Comments By: As My home town I'll not like to have nuclear plant, where my nears and dears are residing. I loud to my village people do not allow such go against people of my birth place. People have to learn like gujarat gas tragedy.   
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