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  • The Young Lady of Kendrapada - By Lalit Patnaik

    Dear Friends,
                          Yesterday, I had been to my Village Mahanga for inaugurating a self help group of women, who will take training on how to make Agarbati in their own home and earn Rs 600/- to Rs 1000/- per month without being bothered about raw material and marketing problems.
                          . If you remember, we have taken up "Toilet for each House" programme in our village in the month of March/ April and completed 65 Toilets for the poor people. After that the well to do also joined and completed their own toilets and it's a matter of happiness that all village people now use their own toilets and are proud to make their village air clean of any pollution. I found no foul smell in the village roads. I was very happy for this tiny work for my village.
                            The 6 feet tall lady, who invoked courage among the village women for making Agarbati, is a self made women named Nalini ( LILA) Mohanty from Kendrapada. Ahe is the CEO of Shakti Agarbati of Kendrapada.I found her completely different than others. She promotes SWABHIMAN among village women. She explained the audience as to how they can earn money working in home and not depend on their husband for their very personal requirements. She says, when you don't depend upon your husband for your powder, lipsticks, sharee, blouse, inner garments, bangles, chain and perfumes etc., than you really become liberated. And only when you are liberated, you can talk at equal level with your husband and so also with others.
                            She said, her father died when she was reading in 9th class and there after lot of problem regarding their share of  land in Bharatpur, Kendrapada cropped up. She thought should she waste time in such legal battle or fend for her future and future of her brothers. She being the eldest had to take the burden of Family and migrated to Kendrapada. While studying MA in Vanivihar ( 15 years back), she thought of self-reliance and started making Agarbati sticks and unfinished Agarbati for a Bangalore Firm. After lots of struggle and hardship for 20 years, now she owns a factory of Agarbati and employs 10 officers and supervisors. Develops self help group in and around Kendrapada, provides them with raw materials and collects agarbati for marketing. At present, around 1500 women are at work, and she has made them "Swabhimani Odia Nari". She has recently received National award for micro-village entrepreneurship and has a vision to make every women self sufficient in Orissa.
                            Shall we support the lady or re-think (as Purna babu of "My Odisha" once questioned for Salandi Hospital at Bhadrak as to wheather it's a advertisement to an entrepreneur involved in business) about our posting. Shall we spend our valuable time for promoting a young dynamic lady LILA or engage in brick-bating quarrel of two ladies for OSA president ship at USA.
                            Please give a call and speak a word of encouragement to the Young Lady of Orissa, who dedicates her life for financial empowerment of women folk of Orissa. Her telephone number is 9861324190. I am sure if nobody comes forward at least Pradyot will do so. Even one call from abroad will boost her morale.
    Lalit Pattnaik
    (Proprieter of Bhkti Agarbati Nalini Mohanty talking to village women)
    (Lali explaining swabhiman comes from self earning to village women)

    Contact Details:Lalit Patnaik

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