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  • Orissa Politics: Bijoy Mohapatra : In Jaya Chandra's Path - By Manoj Padhi
    Dear Readers,

    Pranab Mukharjee once had ambition to become P.M> , but Rajiv Gandhi spoiled his ambitions.Due to this, Pranab didn't get Home minister position UPA cabinet. Shri Chandra Babu Naidu, stayed out of NDA, because he  didn't want a No.2 in his party. Another Tamilnadu minister Shri Maran was also shown door by Karunanidhi for his self ambitious agenda to replace Stalin as No.2 in DMK.

    Exact similar frustration is being shown by Shri Bijoy Mohapatra, who once No.2 in Biju's Cabinet and had CM aspirations. After Biju's demise, he never digested the entry  of Naveen to  state politics, which  destroyed  his  long held ambitions. Dreams  shattered ; his dream glass house was hammered by Naveen. A Humiliated Bijoy Mahapatra is just waiting to take revenge , but not capable of. Newspapers don't give him proper weightage. He is just a lone man with handful of supporters.
    After seeing the sorry state of Congress state leadership, he is well aware that OGP can't  win even few seats of its own. Without any winning capability, no one will fund their election expanses.

    Hence, he is in the process of inviting foreign non-Oriya "Kuji Netas" - a rowdy like Mulayam Singh and his likes, to come and strengthen their party units.

    I don't know whether Mr. Bijoy Mohapatra, personally a better leader than Naveen Patnaik, but I see his desperateness to become a minister, with help of foreigners.

    In my opinion, Naveen has failed in many areas, but I don't see any other politician is capable to become a CM. We public can do one thing, till some one is visible, we should allow Naveen to lead his state with his 'snail pace' speed  and inefficiency.

    What is 'snail pace' speed ? Instead of starting the Industrialization of Orissa in 2001, he started in 2005. in 2001, he had NDA advantage, which Chandrababu Naidu used to take all major projects to Andhra. Naveen was an absolute failure in this.

    Here you go.

    - Bijoy Mohapatra talks of liaisons

    Bhubaneswar, June 15: Biju Janata Dal under chief minister Naveen Patnaik seems to be invincible at the moment.

    As, Congress could not have been more moribund and defunct of ideas. So is this the time for an alternative to both Naveen, now in the seventh year of governance and Congress, looking down and out?

    Bijoy Mohapatra, Naveen’s principal bete noire and chief of Orissa Gana Parishad (OGP), says yes.

    Mohapatra, who spoke exclusively to The Telegraph, would not like to reveal his cards as yet, but his friends believe that the former Biju Janata Dal strongman would soon join the state unit of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

    “The time is ripe for a popular third front. We will be a real alternative to BJD-BJP coalition and Congress, as both have failed the people. The coalition is a failure, while Congress has become a spineless Opposition. We want to occupy the vacant space left by a weak Opposition,” said Mohapatra, who returned from New Delhi yesterday after holding week-long parleys with NCP party chief and Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar.

    “This will give a new term to Orissa politics,” he said.

    “It’s almost final. Orissa Gana Parishad will soon be merged with the NCP. Other politicians, who were once part of Biju Janata Dal, may also join the NCP,” said Balasore legislator Arun Dey, leader of OGP legislature party in the Assembly.

    A plenary session of the OGP will be held in August to adopt a formal resolution for the merger.

    Dey said several MLAs and former MLAs will join NCP after the merger.

    “Even people from BJD, BJP and Congress are ready to flock to us. Everyone in BJD are feeling suffocated. The situation is no different in BJP and Congress. Ours will be a front close to UPA,” he said.

    According to political grapevine, others who are likely to join the “third” front are Janata Dal (S) president Ashok Das, former finance minister and BJD leader Ramakrushna Patnaik, former Union coal minister and current Rajya Sabha member Dilip Ray and Congress MLA Nalinikanta Mohanty.

    Ashok Das, who once headed the state unit of Janata Dal during Biju Patnaik’s chief ministership is most favoured to become the president of NCP in state.

    Mohapatra, in his interview revealed that during his New Delhi stay he met Pawar, railway minister Lalu Prasad, former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chauthala and senior Left leaders, including Prakash Karat.

    “Though all leaders asked us to be with them, we found working with Pawar comfortable. The new alternative will take shape before Naveen calls for a snap poll next year. We will have alliance with Left parties in the election,” he added before signing off.

    Dear Manoj Babu,
    I agree with your analysis.Shri Bijaya Mohapatra ,as on date ,is not a political force at all.
    Ashok Rath.

    Contact Details:Manoj Padhi

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