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  • Mission IIT Orissa:Delhi visit by Agamee Odisha - By Lalit Patnaik
    Dear Friends,
                          We have just returned from Delhi in the morning. As some of the MP's  were interested to shift our Dharana to next session b'coz they have already highlighted the issue in Parliament, we concentrated on meeting Odia's at different localities such as Gurgaon, Janakpuri, Dwaraka, Rajendra nagar and Orissa Bhawan. In different small groups of 10 to 20 persons we highlighted our demand and explained the justification of our demand. All of them appriciated our stand and expressed full support in days to come. We also apprised intellectuals from JNU and Ex-VC of Sambalpur University, and MLA's of Orissa, who happened to gather at Orissa Niwas for their different seminars.
                         We met First lady Mrs Rameswar Thakur and discussed for 1/2 an hour and handed over the Memorandum. She was very sympathetic for our cause and said she will appraise everything to Governor personally and will give the Memorandum.
                         We met Fishery Minister of Orissa Shree Golak Bihari Nayak and appraised him about our demand. He highly appreciated our stand and march to Delhi by Budhijibi's. He assured all support to us in mobilizing support for such genuine demand of ours in Mayurbhanj.
                         We met Shree Chandrasekhar Sahu,  Minister of Union Government and handed over our Memorandum. He informed us in detail his recent meeting with PM of India and assured that up gradation of UCE, Burla to IIEST, new KBK university, new Fashion Technology and up gradation of Cuttack Law College to  National Law college status are on the cards but the demand should be viewed by every one at Delhi as a genuine one from the people of Orissa rather then a Political agenda. He highly appreciated our endeavor.
                         We are also lucky to receive appointment from CM Shree Naveen Pattnaik on 15th morning and expressed all our points on IIT and up gradation of UCE, Burla to IIEST and the real requirement of University in KBK districts. He received us with full attention and appreciated the stand of Intellectuals for such good cause. He read the entire documents and appriciated all detail information inside it and said he will cary it to bbsr.
                         He said he has just comeback from MHRD and has put up IIT and other Higher educational institute demand to Arjun Sing and that it will be sanctioned in this 11th Plan. He was also kind enough to discuss many other issue of Orissa pertaining to overall growth of Orissa with us. He also expressed his desire for the people who understand the policy and should come forward to make other's understand as to what is good for the Odia society. Lastly, he assured to leave no stone unturned for getting IIT to Orissa. ( some pic. attached.)   
                         After coming back, today i saw all leading News paper has published about IIT and it’s related movement, Dharana and seminars in it's Front page. It's really heartening to see all these days the high light has been IIT.To-day, IIT is there in every body's lip and exactly that's what we wanted i.e. to foccus all attention to our projected issue. It seems our purpose of highlighting the issue has been achieved.
                        To-day Alumni, UCE, Burla is sitting at Burla college to chalk out it’s future strategies on this issue as conveyed by Shree Ashesh Padhi, Secretary Alumni Assn, UCE, Burla. Me and Er Bimal mishra may go to sambalpur this afternoon to attend the meeting. Agamee Odisha will sit on day after To-morrow, as conveyed by Dr. Santosh tripathy, to develop a coordinated approach for all related activities, so that maximum benifit is obtained.
                        Friends, our movement is 70 % successful. Rest 30% will depends on all our continued efforts.  Now, we have to ensure the result of our movement by working little harder than before.
    Thanking you all for your sustained support.
    Lalit Pattnaik,
    (We have thanked all above VVIP's of Orissa on behalf of every body.) 

    Contact Details:Lalit Patnaik, Working President Agamee Odisha

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