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India Votes 2009 -Vidhan Sabha (OLA) - BJD Primary - KARANJIA (Orissa):: Please Endorse Er. Baidyanath Sing M.Tech. (High Voltage) from I.I.Sc. Bangalore for the offcial BJD Ticket
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Er. Baidyanath Sing M.Tech. (High Voltage) from I.I.Sc. Bangalore and BJD MLA hopeful Karanjia Constituency 1 of 2‏



Dear readers:

It is a pleasure to introduce the first Tribal M.Tech candidate from Orissa, who quit his job to serve the people of his constituency.

The gentleman engineer is Er. Baidyanath Sing M.Tech. (High Voltage) from I.I.Sc. Bangalore,

Before coming to his profile, please have a look at the following endorsement.

Dear All,
He seems to be an excellent candidate.I will inform my friends and relatives in the Karanjia constituency to vote for him.All the best.
I am also from near constituency-Jashipur currently in Japan.
Thank you.
Debendra Mohanta (dmohanta at yahoo.com)

Why he jumped in to politics ? In his own words.

" I am thinking that since I left all my jobs and working for the deprive society and I am working since last four years for the people and I felt that some  power has to be there in order to work more aggressively. According to me politics is the best platform to serve people. I am giving you my commitment that I will work dedicatedly and selflessly for the people in order convert my constituency into an ideal one.  Each and every moment I will take all of your suggestions. I am considering politics for long term and not for just five years."

In my constituency chances of winning for me is maximum because I have worked dedicatedly for them I am well known to many people from 15 Grampanchayat.

                                                                              -Er. Baidyanath Sing

BIO DATA FOR M.L.A from Karanjia Constituency


Name: Er. Baidyanath Sing (Badara)

Father;s Name: Lt. Gopinath Sing (Badara)

Address:At: Hudisahi

Po: Katuria



Orissa, 757079

Contact no:9777330218

E-mail: baidya-1231@yaoo.co.in

Qualification: 1. B.E. (Electrical Engineer) from R.E.C Rourkela

(now NIT,Rourkela).

2. M.Tech. (High Voltage) from Indian Institute of  Science   (I.I.Sc.) Bangalore.

Working Experience: 1.Worked in I.T. company at Bangalore

                                      2. Worked as Lecturer in Engineering College

Extra Activities: Worked with some NGO’s

1.     PefSSED, Mubai based NGO

2.     MyOdsha/Odia Samaj, U.S.A based NGO

3.     F.E.E, U.S.A based NGO

4.     SEEDS, U.S.A based NGO

5.     Institute of mathematics, BBSR

My good contact with U.S.A based Oriya’s:

Dr. Subhash Chandra Mahapatra, Dr. Chitta barala, Dr. Surya Narayan Mishra, Dr. Debasmita Misra, Dr. Sandip Dasvarma, Dr. Priyabrata Patra, Dr. swadhinanda pattnaik (BBSR) and maximum NRO’s.


Something Regarding Me: Since from my school days, I struggled for existence, had to work to support my education. After getting admission into Engineering Institute, my friends supported me financially for entire four years as I was in no position to support by my own, nor my parents were. During those days, when I visited my native place, I saw lot many talented students not being able to complete their studies due to poverty, like mine. This moved me so much and forced me to think again and again. This, I realized is not an isolated case and there is a need to look at the bigger picture. From that day onwards, I realized that I have a bigger role to play than any of my friends and thought of doing something for the poor people like me. My determination was multiplied by several other problems such as deforestation by jungle mafias, ignorance of the fellow villagers about their rights and resulting exploitations. I realized that people in here needed somebody to lead them and show them ways to create a better life for themselves and the generation next. Situation demanded that, I spend my valuable asset, my times, as I myself don’t have enough funds to spin on development of my fellow sufferers.


      “Empowerment of villages from all directions and Sustainable rural development where villagers can earn round the year”. 

 My activities:

      From my very beginning of B.E. career I was in a strong motivation to see the dawn of hopes for the developed society. I interacted with all my R.E.C. classmates, seniors, juniors and I.I.Sc. class mates, seniors and juniors are doing jobs in MNC’s and Software Companies not only in India but also all over the world like U.S.A, Singapore, Germany, Canada etc. we the same mentality people are having very big intellectual troupes to perform the very best to give out the zenith of perfection in this stage of social work.

    During our electronic e-conference all my intellectual troupes suggested insisting upon taking legitimate care of the education from the grass root level. We concluded that we will start with education i.e. we will interact with primary school teachers, guardians by arranging meeting in regular time interval and we will support attractive accessories to kids to attract them so that we can avoid drop out in the primary levels. Then I personally realized that visibility of development would take much time if we will start first with education, in the most deprived area where education is a distant dream, and our effort would be useless. They dearth in living standard and they are not at all in a position to think of education, and mostly they are busy arranging for their per day foods. So, we have to observe their weakest point, through which we can attract them more easily and we can change their mentality to bring them towards the mainstream of developed path. Then I proposed if we can start education and parallel with some income generating activities like agriculture, agricultural related activities, managing locally available natural resources by local people and villagers empowerment porgrammes. then there may be possible in “sustainable rural development” and finally my proposal was accepted by all others.

     Since, I am leading this group in Orissa therefore, I proposed to start sustainable rural development programmes first in my area of Mayurbhanj district.

  Field Activities:

·        Procedure adopted:

·        Step 1: We are having local tribal educated mass, arranging farmers’ awareness programmes in targeted village and forming FSHG (Farmers Self Help Group) and WSHG (Women Self Help Group), which consist of 15 to 20 no of members. In each village there are minimum 5 to 8 no of SHG depends on strength of the targeted village. There is no discrimination in cast, religious, BPL and APL during group formation. Landless villagers are also included in the groups so, that they can take advantage out of it. And we are trying to create competitive mind among the groups. 

·        Step 2: When we are arranging awareness programmes in targeted village we are making survey of

o       What are their livelihoods?

o       What are their traditional crops?

o       Any person in the village doing other crops pattern?

o       Any crops they were cultivating previously but they stopped now, if yes when and why?

o       After getting all data there will be a mutual discussion with them and they will give proposal what can possible so that everyone can accept it with great interest by which no one will feel as a burden and probability of success for proposed crops should be 100% with any weather conditions so there will be no frustration among the farmers. With this our aim is to attract more and more no of farmers not only that village but also in consecutive villages.                         

·  Activities 1:

My village Aswakuti (Hudisahi) is located very close to Similipal    reserved area. During my B.E. time there was lot of timber business used to happen by Jangle mafia from out side. They were taking advantage of villager’s illiteracy, innocence and poverty. The mafia groups motivated the villagers up to such extend that, instead of traditional farming their hobby became supplying timber. Which became easiest income source in a short time period.

I personally realized that if a thing goes so then just after 5 years there may be vagaries of nature. Then we motivated some people to understand the reality and arranged one meeting in our village and formed one “Jangle Surakhya Committee”. This committee formed four groups and each groups was assigned to do duty in jangle once in a week. As a result it hampered mafia and motivated villagers, which became a great problem for our committee. They became our great enemy and we got life threatening from them. At last we took help of our Sarat local forester who supported us. He became our advisor now our village committee is renamed into J.F.M (Joint Forest Management). This JFM is working so effectively that we are also getting financial support from Forest Department. Interesting thing is that now maximum villagers are having Committee.               

·        Activities2:
Year 2004-05 we promoted Niger cultivation as an experimental basis in the village of Dangadhia, Khukundu and Paterpada of Thakurmunda block in Mayurbhanj district among the 100 beneficiaries, but seeds were not perfect even though it was a great success for us, farmers accepted it very easily. maximum farmers earned minimum of Rs 3000/- just for four month.

·        Activities3: Year 2005-06 we distributed same seeds in my sarat area of Kaptipada Block among the three villages named Keshpada, Kadabahali and Kutumundi with four FSHG as a foundation seeds for this area. This activity was so popular for this area and also they earned very god amount. I will feel proud to inform you that this year agriculture department people (Udala ADAO) visited our field and he appreciated it. 

·         Activities 4: last year’s Niger activity was so popular and year 2006-07 (this year) we distributed 5 quintal Niger seeds which covered more than 100 acars of free land, vegetables seeds, 1 quintal of mustard seeds which has covered more than 20 acars of land and 60 no of vegetable kits from Horticultural department in different villages. I think this Niger project was a biggest activity in whole Mayurbhanj. This years Niger activity was so excellent and attractive. I will be proud to inform you that last 25th Oct. during flowering time we organized one Agricultural Awareness Programme where we invited following guest and some farmer groups has been awarded with farming Instruments.

§         Chief Guest: Jatish Ch. Mohanty (Ex-Pricipal Sec. Andrapradesh)

§         Hon. Guest:  PA to ITDA Katipada-Udala

§         Chief Speaker: AGM NABARD, Baripada

§         Speaker: NALCO, AGM

§         Speaker:  Lead Bank Manager, Baripada

§         Speaker: ADAO, Udala

§         Speaker: Junior Horticultural Officer, Udala

§         Others

·        Activities 5: This year on 24th Sept. We organized Mathematics Olympiad Test Called Rural Mathematics Talent Search Test (RMTST) for 6th class, which was state level Exam. and supported by Institutes of Mathematics, BBSR and NRO’s USA. Qualified students will be awarded Rs 1500/- per annum for five years and they will be eligible for National level (for national level they will get Rs 1500/- per month) and then for International level. 

·        Activity 6: From this year I became a lifetime member of Foundation for Excellence (FFE) USA based Organization through which we can be able give scholarship to students from BPL/antardoya/arnapurna card holders with good marks in High School, +2, +3, Diploma, Medical (rank within 280) and Engg. (Rank within 2050) from Rs 5000/- to Rs 40,000/-. Per annum until to complete their course. This year I have provided scholarship (Rs 5000/-) to Mr. Manash Mallick from BPL family who has secured 667 marks in HSC-2005, Kumini Prava Panigrahi (Rs 19000/-) who is doing Diploma in Rourkela but yet to come.

·        Activity 7:  From next month we are going to start Masses for Rural Computer Education Institute in Sarat for school and college level students with minimum price. Which is also going to support by NRO’s USA.   

·        Activity 8: We are running one non-formal school for students from class 1 to 5th in my village Aswakuti itself (class timing is 6.30 am to 8.30 am and 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm) this is just a special class and volunteer teachers from village itself, salary for them is donated by parents themselves. This school is running so effectively and we are planning to do in other villages also. Some NRO’s from USA are also going to support these special schools very soon.

Proposal for coming future:

1.      All activities as mentioned above will be continued in future and multiplied into large scale till turned into sustainable activity.

2.      As farmers’ interest is multiplying drastically, which is a positive symbol for this area, within next two years we are trying to cover all nine Gram Panchayat, which includes more than 80 villages with more than one lakhs people. Our mission will be to form as many as no of FSHG and WSHG. All groups will make saving account in near by Baitarani Gramyan Bank.

3.      Last year we encouraged only for Niger, mustard and some area for vegetable cultivation but this year we are preparing to promote mixed horticulture farming which includes Turmeric, Zinger, Sun flower, Sweet Potato, Drumstick, Hybrid Banana, Mango, Amala with very large scale.

4.      Beneficiaries list is increasing. If these activities go in this way then within very short span of time this area may be able to give huge amount of Agro-product. But main problem is market potential. As per Orissa is concerned Agro-Industries are very rare so agro market potential is not supportive for farmers. Farmers are not getting proper justice for their product, which is tending to create frustration among the farmers.

 According to our vision, if there will be a processing unit just like a Small Scale Agro-Industries (SSAI) in the local area there will no question of mediators in between grass root level farmers and SSAI by which maximum benefits goes towards grass level framers only. Which can influence financial status of farmers directly.

One incident during April 2004-05:

      During April’ 2005 one teenage tribal girl from Nuta in Sarat area was gang raped by some well established individuals and the case was being suppressed. We took up the case and strongly opposed, demanding justice for the victimised girl. However, we were victimised by local administration and an arrest warrant was issued against us. To bring about the truth to the people, I sought the media coverage including Star Plus, NDTV and AZ-TAK etc. and at last we succeeded on our effort to bring justice to the raped victim and rapist were arrested. But arrest warrant is still hanging over us. My question is that if one highly educated tribal individual is coming forward by sacrificing his professional career for the broad goal of the society but our administration is giving him this award.

Poverty & Prosperity: Er. Baidya Sing a Success story at Sarat in Orissa



Bhubaneswar, 26 October, Yesterday Myself and Jatish Mohanty had been to a village called SARAT, near Kaptipada of Mayurbhanj District in the foot hill of Similipal. It is supposed to be the poorest village of Mayurbhanj dist. and 85% people are below poverty line. But to it's good luck it has given birth to Er. Baidynath Sing, a M Tech pass out young boy, who has left his job in Mumbai and is working for the upliftment of his fellow Poor Adivashi, in teaching them how to cultivate and distributing      

Seeds with the help of PeFSEED, Mumbai, run by Mr Hippu and with back of support by Saty Dash, Debasmita Mishra, Dhirendra Kar and others at Orissa Bikash Initiative (OBI) of Myodisa

Baidya Sing and his group this year have covered more than 150 acars of free land with Niger, largest activity for Niger in whole Mayurbhanj district. This year 15 groups and in total of 160 farmers were engaged directly. Different farmer groups are expected to earn good amount. Previously these farmers use to seat ideal during this period but this year they have created some difference among them. This  successful project has created tremendous positive impact among the farmers in the area and by the next year the group is targeting to involve more than 10,000 people of entire nine Grampanchayat. Mr. Sing hopes "if things run like this then by the next five years I can represent my area into a model area not only in Mayurbhanj but also for Orissa by this simple green revaluation". 

We saw, how he has involved the entire community when we found on his single call around 1000 "Chassi" assembled and waited for 3 hours to listen to us and Agriculture Experts.
We also saw, how the entire unused field of the village for centuries, has been covered with yellow flower of " Rassi".

All our work looked pale in front of his dedicated and determined work. He has rented a tiled house and stays with his family. He has three rooms and the bigger room is for the people to sit and discuss. His wife has more smiles, while receiving guest in this out of reach village 60 KM of rough road from NH. She makes the untidy room presentable and offer

Dear Readers:

Do you have more question to ask him ?

His Cell number is : 9777330218

Call him, know him better and endorse him.

If he gets elected, he will be the first tribal MLA with M.Tech qualification.


Manoj Padhi

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