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Pradeep Pradhan
Complaint case against PIO of Orissa Information Commission
NewsPosted By: hindtodaynews on:10/9/2008 4:55:29 AM

Dear  friends                                                                                         8.10.08

Below  is a translated copy of Complaint case  filed  against  Public Information  Officer  and Authority  of  Orissa Information Commission  before  Orissa Information Commission  for  their gross negligence  to comply  section 4 of the RTI Act.  Just see How the office of Orissa Information Commission itself  violates  the  RTI Act  and Orissa RTI (Amendment ) Rules-2006. The complaint has been filed by few RTI Activists of the State  on 27.9.08.


Pradip Pradhan


Complaint case against PIO of orissa Information Commission  under section 18 of the RTI Act


The State Chief Information Commissioner

Office of  Orissa Information Commission

Toshali Plaza, Satyanagar



Sub-  Complaint  under section 18 of the Act  against the office of Orissa Information Commission for their gross negligence to comply  section 4 of the RTI Act.



 We the undersigned  citizens  of the country  bring to your kind notice the following complaint   against the PIO  of your office seeking your urgent action.


On 25.9.08,  we had visited  the office of Orissa Information Commission  at around 11.45 AM  to get the information relating 17 subjects   voluntarily disclosed  under section 4 of the RTI Act.  We met Mr. Samerendra Parida, Public Information Officer and requested him to provide us the information.  Mr.  Parida  without offering chair to us  said that  there is no such  arrangement to show the information   to the citizens under section 4 of the Act in the office. He asked us to download the information from  website of Orissa Information Commission. When we said that  we do not have any idea  about compute or internet and we want to take hard copy of it which must be kept  open for public display  in the office of the Public Authority  , he remained silent.

We against asked him to see the register  to be maintained  in the office of each  Public Authority  for day-to-day records  of the members  of public  who  visit its office  in connection with  accessing or inspecting  suo moto  proactively  disclosed   under section 4 of the RTI Act as per Rule 2(2) of Orissa RTI ( amendment) Rule,2006.  He could not show us  that register  as it is not being maintained in the  office.  He requested us to meet  Secretary  of Information Commission. We went to meet  Secretary but  could not him as he was absent.


If  this  is the status of  implementation of  Act in the office of Orissa information Commission itself, then what will be happening   in the other offices  located in the remote pockets of the state.


So we    request you  to make an enquiry into the matter  and  take  the disciplinary action  against the  officials  responsible for it under section 2(2) of the Act and  provide information to us.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Tushar Kanti Marandi                                   Mr. Karunakar Bkoi

At/post-Chheligodhuli                                    At/post-Mahurundi

Police station-Jashipur                                  Via-Khaprakhol

Dist-mayurbhanj                                            Dist-Bolangir

                                                                        M- 9777467489

Sundar Mohan Mahanta


Post- Patala- Biridia

Via- Jashipur


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