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  • Performance review of Naveen Patnaik by Orissa Today Group

    Performance review of Orissa CM, Naveen Patnaik

    The Orissa Today Network (www.OrissaToday.net) group consisting of 700+ dynamic Oriya members, recently reviewed performance of Orissa CM, Naveen Pattnaik. With the weakest opposition having the most unwanted leader Mr. J.B.Patnaik as leader of Opposition, congress in Orissa is totally in disarray. It lost focus from the core development and corruption issues, identified by the intellectual mass of Orissa. It failed to take advantage of the reported corruption allegation of Higher Education Minister Mr. Samir Dey reported earlier in many leading Oriya dailys.


    Unresponsive Government

    Corruption allegation 1


    Corruption allegation 2



    Also, it failed to help /fight for Suchita Horo , a tribal lady Head Constable at CRPF Group Centre, Bhubaneswar who was harassed by her senior Mr. Anil Kumar.

    Anil Kumar's Character

    It also have a senior minister of BJP, Mr. Harichandan, who defied direct orders of CM, who ordered an intellectual survey for allowing Dalits and non-Hindus to Puri temple.

    CMO Order defied

    Mining Minister Neglected CMO order (CMO forwarded this letter which mining division never answered)

    With the Crime prevention and detection rate of lowest ever, an outdated and inefficient police force, Orissa CM Naveen Patnaik is still in Headlines of National news papers. Intellectuals of Orissa Today group has debated "Should we vote Naveen Patnaik in Next election ?" where people across geographical areas participated and given logical reasons for why we should vote him even he is failed in many areas.


    The following is the summary of discussions and hope you will enjoy this. This will be followed by an e-Poll by www.HindToday.com to be announced later after an e-votor membership drive. Polling will be conducted by around 5000+ oriyas with first choice, second choice and hated party with logical reasoning. We expect huge participation and the registration will be open for 15 days.

    Registration Link

    Voter or HindToday.com Registration to post comments in this article

    Once registration you can participate in this debate at www.HindToday.com by adding your comments or sending your opinion at orissatoday@gmail.com

    Why you shouldn't vote Naveen Patnaik next election

    By Manoj Padhi

    Dear all:

    While analyzing the various actions of this government what we noticed that:

    Most senior ministers lack vision

    They consistently put suggestions of intellectual masses in to dustbin. Reason they want to be in power by keeping Orissa poor.

    They are demoralised Naveen Patnaik's effort of Industrialisation. One example is the urban development minister was deaf to the roaming dogs and cattles at BBSR when public shouted. But he is forced to listen when the IT company big shots shouted.

    If all these ministers would have worked in private sector, their termination letters would be given in no less than 7 days. It is their lack of vision and positive attitude towards a particular issue which is keeping us backward.

    Naveen Patnaik is either unaware about the efficiency or there is no performance monitoring system in force.

    The ministers are always in news because of some inauguration of events followed by a short speech.

    We must not encourage calling these vision less ministers to any public function and giving them media coverage. Instead we shall invite eminent oriya scholars, eminent social activists to such functions.

    I will give 4 examples of 4 such ministers and it is up to you to decide whether you and your family should vote for them

    Visionless Tourism Minister



    They call it accident and we say 4 andhra tourists murdered by Orissa Tourism department - How ? (click the following link)


    They call it accident and we say 4 andhra tourists murdered by Orissa Tourism department - How ?

    Only 1 message in topic - view as tree



    Result: Same incident repeated and recently again few persons drowned

    Expected: coming another beach festival at Puri and few more are going to die.

    The Visionless Anti Dalit law minister:

    He is one of senior most minister of BJP. But he is unable to provide entry of Dalits to temple, forget about

    Muslims. We have written to CMO to remove the board of "Only Orthodox Hindus allowed" from Lord Jaganath temple of Puri. Mr. Harichandan and Mr Gajapati maharaja played politics and sleeping over the file since last 8 months. the CM ordered a plan of action which was neglected by Mr. Harichandan

    Should we vote this minister or his party ?

    And the corrupt Higher Education Minister:

    HE is also from BJP and getting a monthly fuel allowance of Rs. 60000/- p.m. from CHSE which is illegal. He is fond of posting male professors of bad repute at women's college , who wants sexual favour from female students for good marks. HE is such shameless that after all these are reported in news media also, holding his chair.

    The probable corrupt minister of Steel and Mines:

    He is failed to send a show cause notice to TATAs , why their lands can't be taken back since they failed to establish Gopalpur steel plant. When we have requested to send such letter - they put our letters in to dustbin. He knows that TATAs have provided big high defiition color TVs to its bureaucrats for not sending shuch show cause letter.

    Who is responsible ? He must be corrupt and getting favour from TATAs.


    OTN urges action and reply to all these questions from CMO and if not answered , we urge all OTN readers

    do ask your conscience whether you will go by newspaper reports of great Orissa shining campaign by Naveen Patnaik's media or OTN facts.

    Forward this mail to all your Oriya friends and broaden our network to create a mass e-movement and let people know our inefficient and corrupt ministers.


    by Umashankar Das


    Manoj Babu,

    The subject of the article does not make sense to me. I have looked up these articles. They are valid points upto a certain extent. But, the issue is obviously twofold.

    Who is your alternative?

    Should we throw out a CM because his ministers dont perform ?

    Quite frankly,

    I am aware that getting responses from the CMO is not easy. But, I would think that since, he has so many matters in his hands we should give him the liberty to answer those questions which he feels fit.

    My two penny on this.

    Thanks & Regards

    Umashankar Das

    by Manoj Padhi

    Umashankar babu,

    I didn't answer your mail properly.

    Why Kalinganagar happened ? It is inefficient handling of matter by collector. Who paid the price ? We lost lives. Who cut fingers from dead bodies ? It is IPS.

    We have just warned that another Kalinganagar might happen ?.

    The CMO system is so inefficient that once a letter has gone to any ministry, that goes unanswered.

    We are not in a hurry. 1993 puri temple stampede report no one implemented and we have seen the result.

    Just think once , if some one from our family would have been died , how we will feel.

    I am certain that several more people are going to die in sea beaches if proper warning system is not implemented. Should we blame the people or the administration ?

    I have a belief that MBAs are much more better than IAS (with no offence to any IAS who thinks that they are capable) who joins as young and given the power of decision making.

    Let us say, CMO is receiving 1000 e-mails daily and say out of 1000 mails , 50 is urgent, 150 is moderately urgent and rest are suggestions. So can't the people (IAS) who sees that mail , report the CMO and copy to us that they have received our request and reply back to us.

    In Bihar , the system is more advanced than us. And if some one can't able to this in electronic age, he has no right to govern.

    When people die of ministers inefficiency, we must be serious and send him the door. If due to Mr. harichandan's inaction, there is a fight between Dalit and Upper caste and people die - who is responsible ? We are tired of enquiry commission's and we need young dynamic ministers who can perform. Not the same old fashioned senior ministers who are good for nothing.

    by Umashankar Das

    Manoj babu,

    Yesterday, Mr. Shibu soren was convicted in Court of law for the bribery case. In the Central Government, we have a Minister named Laloo Prasad Yadav who is currently under investigation for scams perperated during his tenure in Bihar. What exactly is Mr. Arjun singh doing in the HRD ministry, other than creating caste politics.

    How many of the Central Ministers are performing as per their diktats? This does not imply that We would call for removal of Mr. Manmohan Singh.

    What we need to realise is that ,What the priorities of the Government and if it is performing accordingly. It is a reality that in any organisation there will be some working and some non-working people. It is the job of the manager to get maximum output from the complete combination.

    I think you should realise that there are coalation realities. Your points are ok, but there are more important problems for Orissa as a State.

    The problem with having Congress on power is that the culture of sycophancy. This does not promote the well-being of the state. Perhaps, you're not aware but not so long ago in response to a demand from Orissa MPs for funds our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh had replied saying that 'Money does not grow on trees'.

    With this attitude we need an independent non-centre dependent power in the State which will think about Orissa, first and Central issues next.

    We need a Govt which has the pride to announce a grant(KBK) of central funding comes down. We need a Govt which can fight for it's rights if there is discrimination( i.e. Huda Committee report).

    What you say about, young leaders is correct, We do need young people in politics to promote vibrancy and enthusiasum in State politics ? It might be good if we get people who can provide an Alternative policy as a substitute to current policies, they should be the next generation leaders. The problem is if Congress comes to power again, somehow through his politics J.B. Patnaik will again become CM.

    After that , NOBODY CAN SAVE ORISSA.

    Thanks & Regards
    Umashankar Das


    by Vishnu Ippili


    I totally agree with you. If a minister fails, the state fails to perform. In this progressive world, we can not afford to have non-working and non-performing ministers.If we keep these non-performing ministers still in their place then there is no doubt that we will keep missing the busses.

    Today the states in India have gone too far that, in the race we can not even see the dust in the race, we are so much behind. Serious we need to think of an alternate, Media should take active participation in this excercise.

    I do not get anyone in my mind for an alternate proposal even. I think a new face should be introduced and should lead the whole thing. Let us wait how our people resond in next elections.


    Vishnu Ippili

    Manoj Padhi's letter to congress leaders so far not answered. We consider silence as YES

    Kind Attn.: Mr. Rohit Pujari and Srikanta Jena

    Dear Sir(s),

    We understand that selecting your leader is internal matter of congress party. But while projecting an alternative of Naveen Patnaik government , our members are afraid that incase we will not vote Naveen Patnaik, you have to tell us "Who". If it is J.BPatnaik, they say they prefer to JB to Naveen at any cost.

    We are just wondering whether JB is going to be your CM candidate in next election ?

    A reply will help us to project an alternate of Naveen Patnaik.

    We also will listen any achievents of Mr. J.B.Patnaik during his 15 year (mis?)rule , should you decide for him.

    All your answer with comple member comments will appear as an article at our national portal www.HindToday.com


    By Sreejit Mahanty

    Editor's Note: Our member Mr. Sreejit Mahanty came out to form an e-Votor alliance to force the elected leaders to listen to public issues else no vote. We are implementing this.


    It is great that the performance of the Government is being reviewed regularly by members in this forum. The Government is like a team that represents greater public interest. In any team there could be good as well as the bad members. When we say 'why not to vote for naveen pattnaik' we should realise and ask ourselves what alternative. We have to agree that on some fronts Naveen Pattnaik has been impresive so its not solely the Chief Minister who is to blame. However, it is true that there are some members in the Government who may not have performed upto our expectations these should be brought down. The team as a whole may not be discredited with whatever good it has been able to achieve. Poor performance could be attributed to either lack of proper knowledge/application or due to negligence/callousness. It is the second category that must be examined and proper action taken.

    Another way that comes to my mind is the creation of voter's alliances. For example members in this forum may network and arrive at a set of terms and conditions for their chosen representative at the time of elections. They should vote only if the candidate undertakes to perform the conditions stipulated by the voter's alliance. Non performance or breach should result in termination of tenure of the elected representative. Today democracy is passive in our country where parties and candidates release election manifesto which are not actually critically reviewed at the time of casting of vote. Its only when an elected representative errs that public voice is heard. rather we should reverse the system and voters' alliance should release a charter of demands, any candidate who agrees to adhere to this charter should be elected.

    Views and suggestions are solicited on the above.




    By Jibanendra Mahanty


    Dear All Readers,

    It is true that the present Govt under the leadership of Navin Patnaik has
    failed in many Important sectors, such as

    AA. Eradication of Poverty/ Death due to abject poverty.

    BB. Development of Infrastructure in KBK Districts

    CC. Eradication of Illiteracy/( Education for All)

    DD.Health Care for the poor.

    EE, Drinking Water for the Rural people.

    FF. Exploitation of Labour by DADAN Mafias.

    GG. Crime against Women.

    HH. Trafficking of Minor girls/boys ( being smuggled out of the State)

    JJ. Irrigation facilities in South and Western Orissa.

    KK.Naxalite Menace.

    LL. Improve Law and Order.

    MM. Eradication of Begging

    However, the tasks are enormous and the same need dedication of all members
    of his team as well as the responsible citizens of the State. As an
    Individual, Navin Patnaik, has proved himself as more efficient and dynamic
    than the former Chief Ministers like, J.B. Patnaik and Gomango.

    Hence, Navin Patnaik deserves the VOTE.

    by Vishnu Ippili


    Dear Members,
    I do not think, Our beloved Navin Pattnaik has a problem, he can not be
    called as inefficient, whathe can do if his ministers do not listen to him ?
    He is disciple of Gandhiji, he can not take a stick and beat. Even if Naveen
    beats the ministers, ministers would notlisten to him, he talks to the
    ministers in English or Hindi, I beleive, ministers even do not understand
    the language. Poor chap, what Naveen could do. He never lived closely with
    father to dictate the ministers and direct the beurocrats, what is his
    mistake in this. He is trying to be good with everyone and he does not want
    a fight amongst. He wants to live a cool life and he does do all your
    expectations. Is it a problem of Naveen?

    Absolutely not.

    We are the ones voted them to power, we are the idiots, fools, not them.
    Let us look at ourselves first.

    He came to Malkangiri, sometimes before 3 months during floods, he did not
    stay even for 3 hours, he was scared of public, he thought there may be a
    naxalite hiding in between and he could kill him. He is very good, he does
    not like disturbances.

    I do not agree with you Manoj, JB was better than Naveen. Because the
    reasons go as follows,
    1. Naveen could not control Corruption so as JB
    2. Naveen did not work towards infrastructure so as JB
    3. Naveen does not fight with center so as JB
    4. Ministers do not care Naveen, but they care JB
    5. JB used to be there in newpapers everyday
    6. Even if he eats 10 rupees, 5 rupees of work comes to public
    7. JB knows Oriya, Naveen nil

    Few other names are coming to my mind, they could be a choice
    1. Anadi Sahu
    2. Bhartu Hari Mahatab
    3. Arabinda Dhali
    4. Lulu Mahapatra

    I do not really know if some great names are missing.

    Can some one take the debate highlights to the newspapers or tv channels, it
    would add value to the discussions.

    Thanks to all.

    Vishnu Ippili



    by Umashankar Das

    Vishnu babu,

    You have a nice way of putting things but I would have to disagree on the facts sent.

    1. Naveen could not control Corruption so as JB

    I am sorry to say this, but my facts tell me that corruption was at it's peak during JB's tenure. The buzz in MOU circles nowadays is that since, no bribes are being paid to the state govt, this money is being used in social sector projects(Ex Vedanta university).

    2. Naveen did not work towards infrastructure so as JB

    Orissa missed the IT bus due to lack of infarstructure. Today Oriya students are in forfront in IT due to all the engineering colleges which have come up. We could not get any institutes during JB's tenure. The Cuttack-Bhubaneswar road used to take 1.5 hours to traverse since, the construction was not complete. Today the journey in a fast car takes 20 minutes. Buses take 30 mins today.

    3. Naveen does not fight with center so as JB

    JB never fought the center on anything. If anything Mr. Naveen Patnaik has brought a single word called 'PRIDE' back in Orissa society.

    4. Ministers do not care Naveen, but they care JB

    Please substantiate. I think today's ministers are very scared of Naveen patnaik.

    5. JB used to be there in newpapers everyday

    I t does not matter if he is in newspapers, We all know how press is controlled in Orissa. If anything this CM believes in work rather than publicity.

    6. Even if he eats 10 rupees, 5 rupees of work comes to public

    Today if there are 15 Rupees, then 15 Rupees would go to public. Naveen patnaik does not take 10 Rupees for himself.

    7. JB knows Oriya, Naveen nil - I would prefer a Non-Oriya speaking politician who has the well-being of the state in mind as opposed to Oriya 'Kavi' who only builds bunglows in BBSR for himself.

    Umashankar Das



    by Vishnu Ippili

    Uma Babu,
    Even I do not wish or want to see JB as CM. Just a comparison I was trying
    to do with ex CM and the current CM.

    Let us talk about infrastructure, at what rate are we progressing, are we on
    par with the country's progress. e.g. My district Malkangiri, there is not
    even a proper road from Malkangiri to any place in the district, another
    major town is Kalimela in the district. MKG to KLM is 38 kilometers, it take
    1.5 hrs to travel, even by personal vehicle. If you see Maharastra, TN, AP,
    full of Volvo buses running between the corners in the state and they run at
    120 to 150 km speed, how many routes support to run Volvo's on it's roads.
    Except CTC-BBSR, is that sufficient.

    What are we trying to do ?, OK we are agriculture based state, are we doing
    something for that, nothing, as part of cost cutting Minor Irrigation dept
    in Kalimela is closed. Whom are we trying to serve ? Is there a mandate
    being followed or we just dream and execute!!!!!!!!!

    Naxalite problem, how it is tackled in other states and how it is in Orissa.
    We can not go anywhere after 10 PM, we can not move on the roads, we can
    celebrate diwali after 10 PM, we can not wear masks during Holi, we can make
    a call from an STD booth after 10 PM, we can not have telephone services for
    at least 5 days in a month, we are also citizens, we also pay taxes, we also
    want to live the way a person lives in BBSR or CTC, why can not we? Are we
    cursed that we are born in Malkangiri district.

    I am not talking about my district, there are many parts in the state at
    this stage, I did my Grad, PG from SKCG in Parlakhemundi, same situation,
    not even a single RTC bus runs in the district. No body in the ministers
    care for these people.

    Coming to corruption, you want examples, why should we compare to ex CM to
    this CM, why can not we compare neighbouring CM to our CM.

    I sincerely still withstand my view that, change is required, required,
    required. The rulers and the mindset of people.

    Vishnu Ippili

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