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  • Naveen Patnaik of the TATAs By the TATAs and for the TATAs Plus Mining Scams - An OTN exclusive
    • Dear readers,
      When we are going to compare CMs, it is desirable to know which time frame they have ruled Orissa and how long.
      4 Bijayananda Pattanaik 28-06-1961 02-10-1963
      13 Janaki Ballabh Pattanaik 09-06-1980 07-12-1989
      15 Biju Pattanaik 05-03-1990 15-03-1995
      16 Janaki Ballabh Pattanaik 15-03-1995 15-02-1999
      19 Navin Pattanaik 05-03-2000
      Today, India lost to Srilanka in World Cup preliminary knock out matches and  almost out of world cup. The same team had members, who were carrying  several milestones and records in the world of cricket. But when, it was required to demonstrate and deliver in a crucial match winning performance as a team, they collapsed like a heart patient. All the records and big names didn't work. The better team always win. May be people of India will wait at airport to welcome the failed team with rotten eggs instead of garlands.
      Born: 03/01/1927 Qualification:  B.A (Honours in Sanskrit) Utkal University , M.A(Political Science) Banaras Hindu University. , D.LitPrajnana Bachaspati (Honoris Causa) of Shri Jagannath Viswa Vidyalaya, D.Lit. (Honoris Causa) of Tirupati Sanskrit deemed University.
      Literary Information: Editor of English daily 'Eastern Times', 1952-66, Editor, Oriya daily 'Prajatantra', 1952-67, Founder-Editor of 'Paurusha' a Monthly Oriya Magazine.
      Other Information:  While studying in Ravenshaw College, led the students movement for the removal of Union Jack from College premises. President, State Youth Congress, Orissa in 1950, Led a successful Farmers Agitation in Madhupur of Cuttack district in 1953, Member, Working Committee of Pradesh Congress Committee, Orissa, 1954-60, Member, Orissa Sahitya Academy, 1956-67, Member, Executive Committee of All-India Newspaper Editor's Conference, 1956-60, Member, Senate of Utkal University, 1957-67, Member, All-India Congress Committee since 1975, President, Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee 1978-80, February, 1992 to May 1998, December 1999 to October 2001 and January 2004 to June 2004 Member, All-India Congress Working Committee, 1982-92, 2002-2004, Chairman, AICC Relief Committee, 1990-92.
      The same is politicial scenario of Orissa. Since independence it has got great qualified CMs. Just look at the profile of Shri J.B.Patnaik, former CM of Orissa. If you will look at his profile, you will be stunned for a moment and think for a while, why such a person, who almost has got records like Sachin Tendulkar, out for a duck. What made him to become a corrupt and visionless leader, who ruled Orissa, at the crucial period and when his own party was there at center. He lacked the courage to speak for people of Orissa as he was himself was a puppet under his congress high command. Lalu yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Shri Biju Patnaik were leaders, who over a period of time established themselves as a mass leader. J.B.Patnaik, ruled almost 14 crucial years with majority when most of the time congress was at Center and yet didn't bring any public sector Industries and Institutions to Orissa. During his legacy, Mr. Basant Biswal was called Super Chief Minister by Orissa media. One of his achievement is Anjana Mishra  
      Naveen Patnaik, Ratan Tata & Industrilization of Orissa
      As far as I remember the friendship developed when Naveen Patnaik was  Central Minister of Steel & Mines in the NDA government. Even when the national Click Here media were clearly reporting that Mr. Ratan Tata is not going for Gopalpur Steel Plant  , he was defending TATAs. The friendship bond was strong that when people of Orissa had written several letters to take government control of the 3400 acres of land given to TATAs and keep it reserve.
      TATAs have been successful to keep their relationship intact as even J.B.Patnaik was bravely announced "TATAs have not left Orissa"
      The Unanswered e-mail

      To: manojpadhi@gmail.com

            From  cmo@ori.nic.in


            Sir ,

                  Your  communication  addressed  to  the

            Hon'ble Chief  Minister  has  been forwarded 

            to  the  following   authority   for appropriate

            action. Their E-Mail Id. is furnished below.

            Authority  : Secretary, Steel & Mines Department, BHUBANESWAR

            E-Mail Id   : dsmsec@ori.nic.in

            Computer Id  : 1006

            With regards,

            Yours faithfully,

            Special Secretary to Chief Minister

            Memo No. ____1895__________/ CM                                   Date : __30_____/____8______/2006

            Copy forwarded to the following authority  for appropriate action.

            Secretary, Steel & Mines Department, BHUBANESWAR :

      Special Secretary to Chief Minister

      Here are some more information about TATA Groups contribution for Orissa.  Click Here 

      Several Intellectual forums and independent thinkers have written Open letter to Mr. Muthu Raman and Ratan Tata, neither Naveen Patnaik bothered nor Ratan Tata.

      OTN group Letter

    • Prof. Chitta Baral's Letter


      Look at the date and what is today's date. Please pay a visit to Gopalpur to see TATAs SEZ. After all almost 4 years passed !!

      Tata Steel, Orissa form SPV for Gopalpur SEZ
      Business Standard — July 29, 2003

      Kolkata: Tata Steel and the Orissa government will set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the proposed Gopalpur special economic zone (SEZ).

      B Muthuraman, managing director, said the SPV will be set up for promoting the SEZ. Tata Steel is, however, yet to decide upon the extent of its holding in the SPV. The modalities are expected to be finalised shortly.

      After pocketing two Patnaik CMs and their buraeucrats in his pocket and grabbing 3400 acres of land at Gopalpur and murdering 14 tribals at Kalinganagar, Mr. Ratan Tata decided to continue his experiment at West Bengal. With communists in power he expected some difficulty, but it was easier than Orissa with the Saddam Hussian of India, Shri Buddhadeba Bhatacharya is in throne. Communists have sent CPI-M cadres and Police to forcefully grab the lands in Singur. But this time not only there was Mamta Banarjee, but also the professors like Meher Engineer +  and social activists like Shri Sukla Sen +  Click Here. With a pro-people West Bengal governer and High Court, the task was not easy. Yet they start putting pressure on them through Orissa Industry Minister Shri Harichandan and Bihar Dy. CM. Shri Sushil Modi. Their offer to shift the plant to Orissa & Bihar were not originated by themselves, but they were speaking  for Ratan Tata to put pressure on west bengal government. They even might have paid them for these statements, which looked general and plain, but statements were fixed. However Bihar CM Nitish Kumar expressed his displeasure over his deputy CMs such statement, but Orissa CM was silent - Why ?

      Now after killing about 14 tribals at Kalinga Nagar for TATAs, Naveen Patnaik realised that this may eventually cost him his chair. Maoists ceased this golden anti-people opportunity by brain washing  the tribals with Mao Zedong's philoshopy "a small force can gradually accumulate strength and defeat a big force". This has created a blocked of 14 months where state of Orissa has lost lot of revenue. He was such arrogant that he didn't visit to Kalinganagar to console the family members of the killed persons. Sonia Gandhiji came, but BJP's top leaders were absent. So a new Industrial Policy was drafted. But wait.. what this so called clean image CM is doing here.. braking his own rules ..Finalcial Express correspondance Shri DILIP BISOI reports




      BHUBANESWAR, MAR 23 :  Notwithstanding chief minister Naveen Patnaik's tall claim that iron ore lease will be given only for value addition in the state, the Orissa government seems to be recommending leases in favour of individuals and companies flouting the policy.

      Between 2000 and 2007, the state government has recommended iron ore, coal, bauxite and manganese mining leases in favour of 20 individuals and companies. Out of this, eight recommendations were for iron ore. 
      Curiously, the government has granted the iron ore mining leases in favour of MGM Minerals Ltd and one Jitendra Nath Patnaik. Similarly, the government is in the process of granting leases to three other individulas, NK Paul, Tarini Prasad Mohanty and KC Pradhan after receiving approvals from the Centre. But for a litigation, the government would have also granted the Thakurani RF (Keonjhar) iron ore mining lease in favour of Rexon Strips Ltd.

      Intereseingly, none of these has signed MoU with the state government for setting up steel plant in the state.

      According to the Orissa government's policy, iron ore mines would be recommended in favour of MoU signing steel companies once they achieve 25% capital investment in the project. The mining lease would be granted after investment of 50% of the capital.

      The state government, which has signed 46 MoUs in the steel sector, has recommended iron ore mines in favour of SMC

      Power Generation Ltd, Deepak Steel & Power Ltd, Sree

      Metalicks Ltd, and Neepaz Metalicks Ltd. However, the government's decision is not above suspicion.

      "Most of these steel companies have entered into production of only sponge iron and pig iron, and not steel," said a senior official of the state government. According to him, the investment claims of the companies are quite doubtful.

      Similarly, the state government has allotted a bauxite mine, Maliparbat in Rayagada district, in favour of Hindalco though it was supposed to be routed through the Orissa Mining Corporation.


      And wait still waiting a multicrore scam reported by OTN group and subsequently made headlines of Sambad - Click Here for 225 crore/year coal scam


      As election year is getting nearer, new scams and reports are appearing in Orissa media. Although some people of Orissa still believes that Naveen Patnaik's image is clean, they can't ignore the proofs submitted here. Those people, who once were ready to swear by god by Naveen's name are confused and who knows after his rule is Over, there may appear another OM Prakash Chautala behind the mask ?

      Next Topic .. The Lier Naveen and his Ministers. (Coming Soon..)

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