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THE FAKE MEDICINES RACKET IN ORISSA, THE FACK DRUG RACKET KINGPIN Mr. PRABIR DAS & Co. AND DUBIOUS ROLE OF Utkal Chemist & Druggist Association : The true story of a Sleeping Orissa State Administration & the man who amassed 10 crores in 7 years
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Reports eminent human rights activist and public eye award nominee Shri Pravin Patel :


This true story is in connection with the fake medicine racket that rocked Orissa about 8 months back. During those days, we have discussed the matter with serious charges on the state officials. I had also levied serious charges on the drugs department and shared that the office of the CM was also kept informed about the mischief. It is stated here that one of the member denied all those facts put by me and few others and wanted for the proof (s). I had released few copies of the letters that exposed the fact that the Utkal Chemist & Druggist Association is key player in making mischief that allows a smooth playing field for the mischief makers who plays with the lives of the people of the state by creating artificial shortages and paves way for the duplicate drug manufactures to sell their product with ease. I had released six parts of Inside Story that exposed many facts that also included the role played by few key officials of the UCDA.

(Shri Naveen Patnaik, C.M. Orissa -The King & his team slept all the time while the fake drug racket  kingpin has amassed property worth 10 crores)

This is a true story of a person, who once owned a  small medicine shop has accumulated wealth to the tune of more than Rs. Ten crore within few years only on becoming the General Secretary of the UCDA.

Well, you might ask - How do we know that he has got property of worth 10 crores ? Here are two pictures.

(Residential Building Owned by Shri P.K.Das)




Well - are you convinced now about the property of the small medicine owner ? Interested to know more ? If you have already the 4 parts of story Here, it is time to read the next two parts:



This part of the inside story exposes the fact with a live example   how  Health Department officials are playing mischief with rules  and set laws to favour those persons with whom they have their personal interests.


One Mr. KAMAL KUMAR AGARWAL has been favoured to establish a medicine shop at Capital Hospital Campus, at Unit VI, at Bhubneshwar, bypassing the norms and set rules, and even in violation to the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.


The following facts will reveal the malafied intention of nexus of the the official (s) of the health department with one Mr. KAMAL KUMAR AGARWAL.  


The story begins in the year 1995.


  • Health Department official writes a letter bearing No: 24817 dated 28/08/1995 to the Chief Medical Officer, Capital Hospital, Bhubneshwar whether a third 24 hour Medicine shop is required to be opened at Capital Hospital Campus.


  • C.M.O. vide his letter no. 5693 DT. 2.9.1995 replies that no, there is no necessity for any new medicine shop as the existing facilities are enough. Kamal Agarwal couldn't succeed to manage CMO to buy his favour. He continued his efforts with the health department to seek alternative route.


  • Health Department also made another attempt by calling the meeting of all the Campus Medicine retailers on 20-08-1996 vides its letter no. 32543 DT. 9.8.1996 where the agenda was to discuss about the revision of license fee of the campus medicine shops. The meeting was chaired by the Health Minister with his high ranked officials with him.   It was decided at this meeting to enhance the License Fees to which all the campus Medicine shop owners of the state agreed with a condition that no further medicine shops will be opened till the period for which the license fees have been enhanced.

The minute of the said meeting was communicated to all the campus medicine shop owners vide l etter no. 49197 DT. 6.12.1996.


  • However, this was not suitable to KAMAL AGARWAL who again acted heavier on the health department, who succumbing to his pressure, it was notified    vide letter no. 3990 DT. 3.2.1997 that "only the medical college hospitals and capital hospital, Bhubaneswar shall be entitled to have three 24 hour medicine shop". And the capital hospital is "upgraded to the status of three medical colleges of Orissa, ignoring the fact that the Capital Hospital has only 294 beds whereas the medical colleges should have the beds more than 1000".


  • Soon there after, on 3-4-1997, an advertisement appeared in the "DHARITRI" a local Oriya newspaper, as per which applications were invited for the 3rd medicine shop in the campus of capital hospital, Bhubneshwar.  The advertisement itself exposed the malafide intentions of the officials that they wanted to favour some one.


  • The advertisement appeared on 3-4-1997, with last date of submission shown as 9-4-1997, leaving only five working days of time to collect the application form, collect information and prepares the required documents to be annexed and complete all the formalities to submit the same. This was not only difficult but practically impossible in normal conditions.  


  • The mischief stands exposed by the fact that the standing notified guidelines clearly demands that the advertisement should be published in two well-circulated Oriya daily, this has not been followed with mischievous intentions to favour some one who has already prepared the documents and waits only for the mandatory   formality of a notice in the press.


  • The other important fact is that CMO, Capital Hospital has stated before the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa that " the advertisement was made without his knowledge and every thing had been super imposed "


  • C.M.O. vide his letter no. 6214 DT. 14.4.1998 has also stressed before the health department that no further shop was necessary at Capital Hospital Campus.


The mischief of the department even continued by not submitting the required information to the Hon'ble High Court in time to favour MR. KAMAL KUMAR AGARWAL.   The court passed an interim order on 21-4-1999 that is quoted here: "if a petitioner opens a medicine shop on the basis of govt. letter no. 6/98 dt. 22.10.1998, he may do so at his own risk" .


  • The mischief makers have played game even by defying the terms and conditions that are prescribed by the Health Department vide Government order No: 15898 dated 28-4-1998. Some of the relevant portion are reproduced here below:


" The proposal for opening of a medicine store in the campus of Govt. Hospital should be initiated by the C.M.O. or C.D.M.O. as the case may be" As already stated, C.M.O. of Capital Hospital has categorically refused to have ever submitted the proposal nor has been even consulted.


  • The other condition clearly states that there should be a 30% reservation in each district for a lady candidate. Even as per a verdict of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, it is required to have 30% of the entire quota of a district is to be allotted to a lady candidate. In this case the order of the Supreme Court is also ignored


  • Though the other two shop owners are male, this new facility even if it was pursued illegally, should have gone to lady applicants only; it was not done to favour Mr. KAMAL KUMAR AGARWAL.





Any comments from the Hon'ble Health Minister ?

Here comes one more part..







Dear members


We have laid hands on certain documents that exposes the fact that Health Minister, and also Chief Minister were informed way back in the year 2002, 2004 and also in the year 2005 that Utkal Chemists and Druggist Association is playing dirty games. Had the authorities had acted in time, the scandal would not have gained this monumental heights.
The documents also exposes role of Utkal Chemists and Druggists Association   (UCDA), under the leadership of Shri P. K. Das, It's General Secretary.


Document No: 1

The Letter of the office of the Drugs Controller, Government of Orissa, vide his office letter No: 319 -0/DC issued on Dated 3-2-2002 written to all the Drugs inspector of the state in relation to the illegal boycott of the medicines of Dr. Reddy Lab Ltd., Hyderabad.


Copy of this letter has been forwarded to Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Orissa vide Memo No: 321-C / DCA Dated: 03/10/2002


Document No: 2


The Letter of the office of the Drugs Controller, Government of Orissa, vide his office letter No: 20840 / DC Dated: 18-12-2004 addressed to Ch. P.K.Das, not to allow any company for marketing medicines without prior permission of the office of the Drug Controller.


Copy of this letter has been forwarded to Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Orissa vide Memo No: 20842 Dated: 01/12/2004


Document No: 3


The Letter of the office of the Drugs Controller, Government of Orissa, vide his office letter No: 8250 / DC Dated: 17-06-2005 drawing the attention of the concerned authorities informing them about the illegal boycott of medicines of Juggat Pharma, Banglore and Franco India Pharma, Mumbai.


Copy of this letter has been forwarded to


1.      Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Orissa vide Memo No: 8251 Dated: 17/06/2005.


2.      Hon'ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Orissa vide Memo No: 8252 Dated: 17/06/2005.


3.      Hon'ble Chief Minister of Orissa, Govt. of Orissa vide Memo No: 8253 Dated: 17/06/2005.


  Document No: 4


This letter bearing No 243 DT 06/01/2005 is related to enforcement of Drug Controller Act 1995.


Copy of this letter has been forwarded to


1.      Ch. P. K. Das, General Secretary of UCDA vide Memo No. 245 Dated: 06-01-2005 [1]


2.      Principal Secretary, Health and Family welfare, Govt. of Orissa. Vide memo No.246 Dated: 06-01-2005 [1]



Shri P.K. Das, a man with limited means, running a small medicine shop at Bhubneshwar is now a man of more than Ten crores worth properties, cash, Jewellery, Bank deposits and other unknown securities are apart from the ten crores. The question is from where all this money has come, which is not proportionate to his income.  

Introduction of  the core members of fake drug racket :

Mr. Prabir Das, a man with limited means, owning a small medical shop has acquired wealth of about Rs. 10 Crore within last six seven years on becoming the General Secretary of the Utkal Chemist and Druggist Association.
Few other key players : 
Ashok Samal who is not associated with sales of medicines is officiating at the association as In charge of Trade Affair Committee. His function is to deal with the companies once the ban order is issued by Prabir Das and to withdraw the order once the deal with the reputed manufacturer is done.
P. Satya Narayan Rao. Chairman, Ganjam chemist and Druggist Association
Mr. Hota. Dy. Drug Controller
Mr. Bipin Chandra Panda Ex. Drug Controller, whose undisclosed income of Rs. 2 crore was unearthed during the raid by vigilance department a couple of years back 

Is the CM sleeping or helping ?


The above letters [1] ,[2] & [3] exposes the fact that despite the office of the Drugs Controller drew the attention of the concerned authorities including the office of the Hon'ble Health Minister and also of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Orissa, way back in the year 2005. Office of the Health as well as Chief Minister slept over the information while the culprits had no fear of being caught or punished.


Naturally there is every reason to suspect that the mischief makers at UCDA can not have a free run until and unless they are given shelter and protection by the people in power.


In a complaint case filed by few life members of the UCDA against the misuse of official position by Shri P.K. Das (General Secretary); S.B.Mohanty (President) and R.G.Agarwal (Treasurer) who in violation to the constitution of the UCDA took arbitrary decisions for their individual benefits and requested for appointment of a Receiver of UCDA.


During fake drugs issue also UCDA came under doubt, as those mischief maker officials are believed to have worked as providing cover to shield the fake drug manufacturers.  


It is good to learn that the Sr. Session court civil Judge has given a verdict and issued an order by allowing the petition and directed the Drugs Controller to act as receiver and to take charge from the out going office bearer of UCDA with immediate effect and also directed the receiver to complete the Zone wise, District wise, and the state election in a fair way.


On 3-3-2008, at about 11A.M the Deputy Drugs Controller reached the office of the UCDA at Plot no-1, Bhoumya Nagar, Bhubaneswar to take over the charge as Receiver, but found the office locked. A numbers of Print and Electronics media representatives were also present. Few members of the UCDA have also been there for official work, who tried to contact the Secretary and president over phone but in vain.


Ultimately, Deputy Drug Controller Sri H.K. Mohapatra pasted the notice on the entrance gate. He assured that all the necessary steps as per law will be taken to ensure that the culprits will have to face the consequences and will have to hand over the keys as they can not ignore the court orders.


IS Mr. Pravin Patel Silent ? No..


I take this opportunity by attaching one more file [3], which is an open letter addressed to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Orissa bringing to his knowledge some vital facts about three tainted officials


The letter speaks about three tainted officials who have not only managed to skip from being penalized but are holding key posts. Even one of them is believed to have managed to suppress the file for over six months which is now gathering dust at the office of the P.S. of Chief Secretary; to escape penal action from the office of the Hon'ble Chief Minister.  God knows, how the heath ministry is allowed to run like this at Orissa.  The role of the Health Minister naturally comes under serious doubts.

But who cares when tainted officials instead of being sacked are allowed to hold key posts that have resulted in free run for mischief makers to play with the lives of the people of the state. Be it a free run of nexus of fake medicine manufactures – wholesalers network, killing of female babies in the womb of their mothers all over the state and also dubious role played by the Utkal Chemists and Druggists Association are not small matters that can be swept below the carpet.


We have seen how this government is sitting silent despite the information is brought to their notice way back in the year 2005 and allowed the situation to worsened. All our demands for a probe by the CBI or by a retired High Court Judge have failed to invoke any response from the CM of Orissa. Let us hope good sense prevails at last and government awakes from the sound sleep. This is not the end. Our crusade against the mischief makers will continue.


I once again request the Moderators and Members at OTN to do needful in the matter as no body should be allowed to protect the mischief makers in a sensitive matter directly related to the health of the people of the state.


With best wishes,


Pravin Patel

Human Rights Activist






No. 8250/ DC.MISC-II-55 /2002, Bhubneswar,   Dt.17/6/05





Sri P. K. Das,

General Secretary

Utkal Chemists and Druggists Association,

Plot No.1, Dhoum Nagar, Bhubneswar.


Sub: -          Enforcement of the provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the provisions of Drugs Price Control order read with essential commodities Act-Boycott / preventing the stocking, sale and distribution and medicines of M/s Franco India Pharma, Mumbai and M/s Jugat Pharma, Banglore in Orissa by U.C.D.A. = Regarding.



Dear Sirs,

It has been brought to the notice of the Directorate that U.C.D.A have resorted to boycott the stocking, Sale and distributorship of pharmaceutical products of M/s Franco India Pharma, Mumbai and M/s Juggat Pharma, Banglore in Orissa which has resulted in non-availability /shortage of essential life saving drugs in the market as a result common people are being deprived of getting those drugs for their treatment. The above companies are manufacturing highly essential and life savings categories of drugs and lakhs of people of the state are depending on such medicines though-out their life for survival. Many doctors and medical stores located at Bhubneswar and severe shortage of the products due to the said boycott resorted by your association. Such a situation is an alarming and unlawful one if it is true, it violates the provisions of D.F.C.C. and essential commodities act.


You are aware this Directorate is a Drug Regulatory Authority and entrusted with the powers to enforce the provisions of Drugs Price control Order read with essential commodities act, D & C Act and Rules made there under. However no report / information /letter has been received from you on the said boycott imposed by U.C.D.A. Please note that no person / association / organization is empowered to resort to create any type of scarcity /non availability of essential commodities in the market at the cost of human life and no body is above the public welfare and interest.

 It is therefore requested to intimate this Directorate and confirm the authenticity of allegations as to whether the U.C.D.A. has boycotted the sale and distribution of the product of M/s Franco India Pharma, Mumbai and M/s Juggat Pharma, Banglore in Orissa. If it is a fact you are directed to lift the boycott to ensure availability to alleviate artificial scarecity created failing which action as deemed fit will be initiated.


Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.


Yours faithfully,




          Drugs Controller, Orissa, I/C



Memo No. 8251 / Bhubneswar, Dt. 17 / 6 / 05


Copy forwarded to the Principal Secretary to Govt. of Orissa, Health and Family Welfare, for favour of kind information and necessary action.





        Drugs Controller, Orissa, I/C


Memo No. 8252 / Bhubneswar, Dt. 17 / 6 / 05


Copy forwarded to the Private Secretary to Hon’ble Minister, Govt. of Orissa, Health and Family Welfare, for favour of kind information and he is requested to place the letter for kind appraisal of the Hon’ble Minister.





        Drugs Controller, Orissa, I/C


Memo No. 8253 / Bhubneswar, Dt. 17 / 6 / 05


Copy forwarded to the Private Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Orissa, for favour of kind information and he is requested to place the letter for kind appraisal of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.





        Drugs Controller, Orissa, I/C




Memo No. 8254 / Bhubneswar, Dt. 17 / 6 / 05


Copy forwarded to all Drugs Inspectors of the State for information and necessary action and they are instructed to ensure the availability of drugs manufactured by above two companies for public distribution.





        Drugs Controller, Orissa, I/C




Memo No. 8255 / Bhubneswar, Dt. 17 / 6 / 05


Copy forwarded to the Deputy Drugs Controller (South Zone) Behrampur / Deputy Drugs Controller (West Zone) Sambalpur for information and necessary action.





        Drugs Controller, Orissa, I/C





No. 101 / DC. SL. KH. C&F 27/07, Bhubneswar,   Dt.4/1/08




M/s Pfizer Ltd.,



Sub: -        Withhelding of supply of drugs without valid justifications.



It has come to the notice of this Administration that you are willfully not supplying drugs to Paikray Pharmaceuticals / M/s. Paikray Agencies, Khurda even after their fulfilling your company’s terms and conditions of supply / sale of drugs to Company approved stockists.


It has been alleged by M/s Paikaris, Khurda that they had sent their orders with advanced cheques to you on dt. 10.11.2007 which you did not execute. On enquiry, you are stated to have told that although you are in receipt   of the cheque you did not receive any order from them. This explanation    of yours is not convincing. Had it been true, a company like M/s. Pfizer could have communicated their non receipt of purchase orders to the said company authorized stockist.


Due to your non-receipt of purchase order the said stockist again submitted another purchase order which you are stated to have received but again failed to execute. This time you have given an explanation that due to system gradation of your computer; all sells were held up, up to 7th of December. Even if, the above plea is accepted it was expected of you to execute the order anytime after 7th of December. This time also you did not supply stock. However, you have resumed sale to other stockists after 7th December.


From the above, it is informed that you are deliberately not supplying drugs which is in violation of the provisions of DPCO, punishable under EC Act.


You are, therefore, asked to explain your conduct in non-supply of drugs against valid order placement but continuing supply to other stockists. Further you are instructed to submit photocopies of all invoices raised after 7th December, 2007.





Please take note that in the event of your non submission of reply or unsatisfactory reply, actions as deemed fit, will be undertaken against you.


Acknowledge receipt at the first instant.



Yours faithfully



Drugs Controller, Orissa



Copy forwarded for information & necessary action to : -


  1. The Commissioner, F.D.A.,

Maharastra State. Mumbai.


  1. M/s Pfizer Ltd., (H.O)



  1. The Principal Secretary to Govt. of Orissa

Health &  F. W. Deptt., Bhubneswar


  1. M/s Paikray Pharma / Agencies, Khurda


  1. The Drugs  Inspector, Khurda /      A.D.C. (Ind.)


They are instructed to inspect M/s  Pfizer Ltd., Bhubneswar and furnish the present status of supply of drugs to M/s Paikray Pharma / Agencies, Khurda to enable this Directorate to take further action in the matter.



(HO: New Delhi)

Zonal Office (East Zone)

                   [Covering Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand and W. Bengal]     

A/3, Indrajeet Complex; High Court Road  Bilaspur 495-001. (Chhattisgarh)

È98271 58588 :: Email: twsez@yahoo.com / tribalwelfare@gmail.com



                                                             Dated: 20-03-2008


The Hon’ble Chief Minister

Government of Orissa

Bhubneshwar. (Orissa)


Through:  The Moderators, ORISSA TODAY NETWORK


Sub:  File suppressed at the office of the P.S. of Chief Secretary, to escape your notice / Tainted officials posted at key posts at the Directorate of Drugs Control, Orissa



Respected Sir


We have already drawn your kind attention how few officials of the Utkal Chemists and Druggists Association (In short UCDA) have played a supportive role to create shortages of medicines in the market paving easy entry of fake manufactures to make quick money despite they have played with the lives of the people. The possibility of existence of an unholy nexus can not be ruled out between the tainted officials of Drugs Control office with the officials of UCDA and fake medicine manufactures.


We share with you about few tainted officials have managed to stick to the key positions at the Directorate of Drugs Control office, despite they being charge sheeted and penalized even by the Courts. Even one of them is suspected to have managed to suppress the file to escape your notice. Here below we share information about three officers.


  1. Mr. RANJAN KUMAR HOTA, who holds the post of Dy. Drugs Controller, South Zone.  Joining as a Drugs Inspector few years back has managed to climb to the post of Deputy Drug Controller within no time. He was also raided by the state vigilance department along with the then Drug Controller Mr. B. C. Panda. However, by using financial power and using political clout Mr. Hota, is managing to avoid from being charge sheeted, Mr. Panda was sent to jail and was also penalized to pay cash fines by the court. 


Your good self will be surprised to learn that the file moved before six months, bearing No: DC / MA / 46 / 07 forwarded for your approval is gathering dust at the office of the P.S. of the Chief Secretary.  In this file your approval is sought to charge sheet Mr. Hota. This exposes the political clout and monetary influence that Mr. Hota has exercised at the highest level, to save him from being sacked. It is pity to see such faces holding top official position. 


  1. Mr. R.C.Panda, holding the post of Dy. Drugs Controller, despite being charge sheeted by the state vigilance department. He  has managed to stick to the office as  Dy, Drugs Controller (R.P.T) besides holding the additional charge of testing laboratories as well as Member Secretary of the Orissa State Pharmacy Council.




It is also further informed that before about two years, Police and vigilance have filed case against Mr. Panda, in the matter of irregular distribution and utilization of narcotics drugs. Besides the same, few years back while Mr. Panda was posted at Koraput as Drug Inspector, a case against him has also been filed in DA Case.


It is any body’s guess that with such person in charge of testing laboratories persons like Mr. Sankar Lal Agrawal at Kantabanjhi who was caught red handed can dare to make spurious drugs and escape from the jaws of justice with a possible favorable testing report. Only one Mr. Sankarlal Agarwal is caught, how many others are hiding their skin?


Even, Orissa State Pharmacy Council is a sensitive body having the responsibility to decide fate of thousands of students, as they set the question papers and evaluate the answer sheets besides other important duties. How a charge sheeted person has managed to this sensitive post is in it self a big question mark.


  1. Mr. SAROJ KUMAR SINHA, holding the post of Dy. Drugs Controller, South Zone is an accused person under section 27 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, under CRLA No.- 8 of 2008, vide the order of the Hon’ble High Court.  He has been sentenced to be in custody and even imposed cash fine too. It is surprising that despite the same, has managed to continue in service, and is presently posted as the Drugs Inspector, at Keonjhar. 


We have shared the above information with your good self with a hope that corrective steps are taken at the earliest to ensure that no body is allowed to play with the lives of the people, however financially or politically powerful they may be. We have already drawn the attention of dubious role of key officials of Utkal Chemists and Druggists Association. State has also witnessed free run of fake medicine manufactures and sellers as well as unearthing of female infanticide from all over the state in the recent past. It is not yet late, an inquiry by a retired High Court Judge or a CBI inquiry is the minimum that is required to set the things right. We anxiously await your positive step in the larger interest of the people of the state. No body should be allowed to play dirty games in such sensitive matter.


Thanking you and with warm regards


Yours truly

For Tribal Welfare Society



(Pravin Patel)

Director, East Zonal Affairs and

General Secretary, Central Committee


Copy forwarded for information and intervention in the matter to: 


His Excellency, the Governor of Orissa, at Raj Bhawan, Bhubneswar, Orissa


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  • Comments By Shankar Prasad Praharaj Country:INDIA State:Orissa
    Dear Mr. Patel, With all these documents available to you from Bilaspur all the way from Bhubaneswar I tend to believe that you are thorough on drugs scenario in Orissa as a whole. Now that you have got hold of so many documents on the irregularities committed by Government on allotment of of one medical shop in favour of Sri Kamal Agrawal; are you aware of any land grabbing activities by one Pragati Ranjan Mohanty, Proprietor of SEVA. a medical store inside Capital Hospital Campus, Bhubaneswar. 1. He was allotted only 150 sft of land at the time of obtaining lease from the Govt. Now he has managed to grab about 1000 sq ft of land in the course of time. 2. The fact was reported by The area Drugs Inspector at Bhubaneswar to the Government. But using his financial clout Sri Mohanty has managed to evade all acts of demolition by the concerned authorities. 3. He was allowed to the lease on an individual basis but fraudulently he has pickedup another partner named one Sri Pradhan. The Govt. record says the shop belongs to Sri Mohanty but the Income Tax papers speak otherwise. 4. Very surprisingly his drug licences were renewed illegaly by the retired Drugs Controller, Orissa Sri J.P.Mishra after a span of ten years stating that " Licenses are hereby renewed only for the premises for which initially licenses were granted". That itself means that this man has grabbed govt. land and sitting pretty on it right in front of the eyes of the V VIPs of Orissa. Hope you take some immediate action to get the the unauthorized area demolished as this man has a close nexus with all unscrupulous Drugs officials and top corrupt bureaucrats. Shankar Praharaj
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