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Dear members,
I don't know how the infertility and intercaste marriage is related?But as I am a medical student,medical science believes in science.not in mythological thoughts.To have a kid,is completely based on biological process.If a intercaste couple is not having a kid after a long time,that doesn't mean that just because of intercaste marriage.These problems can be solved by medical science.Thousands of such cases have already been solved.I know you people are older than me and elder one always give right decisions to younger one.But what is this? It seems that you are proving you are illiterate.If you don't have any idea about things,then don't spread the wrong idea and don't misguide the people.Some members told that this fact is based on survey that was done in USA.Now you should know one thing. In America,there is not caste system like us.If anyone of you are interested to prove intercaste marriage leads to infertility, then do a survey in India and then come to this topic.
N.B-If you don't have any idea regarding how a girl conceive, then go to YouTube and watch their how the things actually happens.

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